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I have a lot of catching up to do here on my personal site.  It was down while we were moving servers and got pretty much kept getting shoved to the back burner while my time has been pulled away helping with Laura and work in general. 

Yes, the site and my personal time have been pretty much off line and off the grid for months.  So let's get you caught up.  Say Hello World to Laura

Coming back to life

There's an unceasing wind that blows through this night
And there's dust in my eyes, that blinds my sight
And silence that speaks so much louder that words,
Of promises broken


In the process of rebuiilding the site. Will be back with a vengence soon...

Western Minnesota Intense Winds And Blowing Snow - 2/7/2016

Video Footage from the Minnesota/South Dakota border from the Blizzard Warning Area of intense 55MPH winds and blowing & falling snow creating reduced visibility and hazardous travel conditions.

Video footage includes:

1. Blowing snow across the roadway and falling snow.

Steele County, MN BLIZZARD - 2/2/2016

The blizzard warning continues for southern Minnesota as the high winds are blowing around the snow. Combined with the glare ice on the road surface, travel is not advised.

Clip 1 Snow plow driving past on I35

Southern Minnesota Blizzard on Interstate 35 - 2/2/2016

A blizzard is impacting southern Minnesota and the Interstate 35 Corridor with white out conditions and dangerous travel conditions.

Clip 1 Albert Lea I35 sign in the blizzard

Clip 2 SUV stuck in the ditch

Saint Paul Winter Carnival, Warm Ice Carving In Rice Park

It was a very warm start for the Saint Paul Winter Carnival as the Ice Carving competition started this evening in Rice Park.

Stearns County, MN I-94 Snow & Wrecks - 1/25/2016

The next round of winter weather is moving into Minnesota and impacting the Interstate 94 corridor in Stearns County.

Footage of snow plows, car in the snow, cars off in the ditch and being pulled out of the ditch.

Clip 1 Car in the ditch on Interstate 94

Minneapolis, MN Snow + 0F Temps = Black Ice and crashes - 1/12/2016

With the temps hovering right around Zero Fahrenheit (symbol °F) and the dusting of snow during the evening rush hour, the snow turned into black ice on the roads.

Clip 1 Pov shot during the daylight hours on Interstate 94


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