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What a busy day, what day is it?

I think I have maybe got 4 hours of sleep in the last day and a half.  I'm saying today but in reality it is yesterday that I'm talking about in this post, excuse the really tired blogging :-)  It all started on Sunday as the Hype Train was getting going for the forecast, which is still today for me but in reality is yesterday, for the area in Southern, IL.  The hype was for the 10% hatched forecasted tornado area that SPC put out for the area which on paper looks good but doing my own forecast and from experience, looked too good to be true.

6/20/2015 Wheaton MN Lightning and storms

It has been an interesting week to say the least and it was good to wrap up and end it on a fun little chase about 100 miles to the west near Wheaton, MN.  While a lot of my crews went to chase the 5% tornado risk in Iowa, I looked at the forecast at 6am and said NOPE.  Nick called this afternoon to tell me that even he blew off Iowa and stayed in the Twin Cities.  Where there storms in Iowa?

6/15/2015 Lightning photos and video.

Tonight was one of those weather setups that was just relaxing drive in the country and filled with vivid cloud to cloud lightning in the sky making for a peaceful end to a somewhat stressful day.

6/9/2015 Central, MN Severe Storms

Yesterday I went on one of the many chases that "rumor" has it that I never do anymore since it was over 20 miles from home.  The target area for me was well defined days in advance and in an area that I love to chase in, western Minnesota where visibility is not a problem with trees.  

Weekend in review

This weekend has been a roller coaster for forecasting and chasing.  With the crazy weather setups and forecasts for the Midwest looked great the day before, on the day of the chase, everything was not as great and chase targets have been way off target for a lot of people.

Too much happens in a day...

The website infrastructure has been overhauled and now the core of everything here is up and running smoothly for my personal blog.  The only problem I have now is that "Too Much Happens In A Day" 

With all the side projects that I have agreed to help out with oer the last year or so from wedding videos, charity videos and just helping friends out, I have not had time for myself and barely had enough time for my business so the blog or I will like to call it going forward, "My Journal" had suffered immensely.  

Going Retro

Going Retro... After years of ignoring my website and depending on "Social Media" for my posts which in the end are not my own if you read the Terms Of Service, I'm going back to updating my website on a much more regular basis. 

Just like the photo below, I'm going retro, going back to listening to albums because they sound better and their more personal.

Hello World 4/28/2015

Working on the website

Hurricane Katrina Documentary, from Miami to New Orleans and Biloxi.

The only independent video production that documents Hurricane Katrina from both sides of the eye as the storm devastated the United States Gulf Coast.

Auroras in western Minnesota.

One of these days I will have free time to finally get the updated setup for the page.  I'm finally getting caught up on a lot of the behind the scenes work for SCV to get ready for spring. 
So here is the latest Aurora video and a still from last night out west.


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