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Dakota County, MN Thanksgiving Snow Travel Hazard - 11/26/2015

Footage shot in the south metro area of the snow impacting the Thanksgiving Day travel.  Shots of Snow plows, traffic, snow falling and someone in the ditch with a squad car on the side of the road.

Albert Lea & Freeborn County, MN Winter Storm Travel Nightmare - 11/20/2015

One the northern end of the powerful winter storm that is impacting the upper midwest, the roads were a travel nightmare around Freeborn County and Albert Lea, MN. Numerous crashes have been reported on Interstate 35 and Interstate 90 this afternoon as the snow continues to fall.

11/19/2015 Saint Cloud MN Snow and High Winds impacting the roads.

A quick burst of snow combined with high winds gusting in the the 40s created hazardous driving conditions with low visibility.

Footage includes shots of blowing snow over roadways, POV driving shots of blowing snow and a drive by of a semi truck in the ditch on Interstate 94.

Shooting Stars & Fireballs Meteors in the sky over Saint Cloud, MN 11/9/2015

Short clip of Meteors or Shooting Stars in the sky over Saint Cloud, MN.  Video includes some intense Fire Ball Meteors lighting up the sky as they explode while entering the earths atmosphere.

Taurids Meteor Shower & Aurora Borealis over Starbuck, MN

Edited of the raw files from the Aurora Borealis live stream showing the Taurid Meteor Shower from the morning of 11/7/2015.  Various clips showing the shooting stars or Fire Balls moving across the sky as the vivid northern lights dance on the horizon.

Vivid Aurora Borealis from Starbuck, MN - 11/7/2015

The earth is being impacted by a G2 Class Geomagnetic Storm this morning and vivid Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights were visible in the along the the northern part of the United States.

Amazing Auroras and Shooting Stars from Saint Cloud, MN 11/4/2015

Amazing timelapse and real time footage of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights and shooting stars streaking across the sky on the north side of Saint Cloud, MN this morning.

Heavy snow fall sticks to the ground in northern Minnesota - 10/28/2015

Several inches of snow fell across northern Minnesota in Cass County. Unlike in southern Minnesota, the snow in northern Minnesota is staying around and is not melting on contact with the ground.

The last clips of the snow plows were shot near Fort Ripley, MN and not in Cass County.

First Snow Of The Season in Saint Cloud, MN - 10/28/2015

The first snow of the season fell over central Minnesota in the city of Saint Cloud.

Footage includes various B-Roll clips of snow falling with people waiting to cross the street, traffic, flags, and snow falling with fall colors in the background.

Orionid Meteor Shower, Saint Cloud, MN 10/19/2015

New footage from this morning of the Orionid Meteor shower that is picking up in intensity over the next few days.

The Earth is moving through the debris from Halley\'s Comet which is the source of the annual Orionid meteor shower.


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