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New Bald Eagle Photo Album

Ok, it is very late but I just wanted to post that I have now uploaded some photos from Yesterday of another test of the 300mm lens.

Here is the Bald Eagle photos and yes one of the Bald Eagles is about 300 feet up and all the sudden he ended up taking a crap in flight and almost right above me. I was able to take a few shots then I jumped back in my jeep. Lucky for me, I was Up Wind and the shit did not land on me. Wow that was some close shit...

Go ahead and Jump, Might as well jump...

Ok, I had to make a bad leap year joke. Well yesterday was pretty crazy with the winter storm that hit the Minneapolis Metro area. The clipper system did not move in and move out fast but stayed around during rush hour to really mess up the ride home for a lot of people. I pretty much worked the Interstate 35 area in Lakeville and Burnsville. I did not want to go too far from home just because the traffic jam sucked bigtime. How bad was it? You be the judge.

In Denver

Neva and I are in Denver for the National Storm Chaser Convention.  Yesterday we went snowmobiling up in the mountains with Chris, Tony, and Jason and had a great time.  Until this one couple that were a hazard to everyone else since they did not have a clue what they were doing, stopped on a blind curve next to a pretty big cliff.
Tony ended up driving off a cliff to avoid the idiots.  I have to give him some shit about it so here is the photos.

Happy New Year... Ok so it was yesterday...

Happy new year folks, today I finally made it home to my place. It was the first time I made it back home in almost a week and it kind of seemed strange at first. Almost like I was out of town or something but it took a few minutes to settle in.
When I opened the living room deck blinds, I was amazed at what I saw. ICE. One was over 6 feet long

Merry Christmas

Today I went out to play in the snow while Neva was busy cooking. It was one heck of a traffic jam... I hate traffic jams...
Here is one new photo of the fat cat, Lucky with her Christmas presents.

Recap of Yesterdays Snow Storm

Ok, yesterday was pretty good for the first winter storm of the season. Maybe a little hyped but it was not under forecasted. In the south metro there was a lot of snow and then back up north it was 8 inches of snow at Neva's place. The roads on the interstates were not that bad outside of the metro area.
I only saw one car in the ditch from the metro to St. Cloud. And south of the metro there was nothing to shoot for cars in the ditch south of Lakeville.
But in the metro, people were not as lucky.