6/28/2014 Saint Paul, MN Flash Flooding & Heavy Rain B-Roll

Today was a little soggy for the weather but it was a fun local video run with the flash flooding in Saint Paul, MN.
Kellogg Blvd. under highway 52 turned into a lake for about a half hour as the water rapidly filled the roadway.  I also shot some footage around the Downtown Saint Paul airport and a lot of B-Roll around Harriet Island that is now part of the Mississippi River.

6/21/2014 Mt. Rushmore And South Dakota Badlands Lightning B-Roll

Last weekend, (yes I'm working on getting my blog updated) we were out in western South Dakota to go explore the Bad Lands and Mount Rushmore. 

Just like the God Father.  I was not chasing but just when I was out on vacation, the weather pulls me back in. 

6/182/014 Tornado that tracked from Alpena, SD to just southwest of Huron, SD

Today was one of those days you live for as a chasers.  I was able to make it out to South Dakota to chase today and got on the tornado that formed near Alpena, SD and tracked all the way up to just southwest of Huron, SD.

From what I can tell, the torando did not hit any towns or homes, just farm fields and tree's.  As a chaser, this is the perfect tornado because they form over an area that does very little impact to personal property.  The worst damage I saw was roofing shingles torn off and powerlines down. 

Here is a photo from today.

Here is the video from today.

Time to make the long drive home and get some much needed sleep.

Busy day on the road.

Wow, that was a pretty extreme day on the road  running  the desk from the field but I did not miss a beat.  Lots of tornado footage from my crews including a world first live stream from Ben of Twin Tornadoes on The Weather Channel in Nebraska. 
All of the video is on our youtube channel at

I did not make it down to Nebraska but I did cover the storms around Southwest Minnesota.  I got under what I think was a Micro-burst. 

6/8/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights

Just a little something from this morning after the moon set before the morning civil twilight when the Auroras were dancing in the sky.

Ahhhhh life...

I know I said I was going to update my blog a lot more then I have, yeah well, been busy with work and putting all my energy and time towards the facebook pages, the social media sites, the other stuff and life. 

I'm going to be working on a site overhaul this summer with more stock photos and video stuff.  Until then, I'll try to get more updates about what I have been up to.

Saturday I was woken up with the calls about thunderstorms and flooding.  Yes, it has been flooding a bit here in Central Minnesota. 

Here is some footage I shot around Albany, MN.

45 hours in a SUV to drive across the country and it

Ok just getting caught up on the personal blog about what has been happening in the last month.  Winter is finally over but I think we will have one more major winter storm in northern Minnesota before the end of this month. 

Ben and I survived the road trip across the country and we set the record for being the first to live stream across the United States of America and to live stream across the USA on Youtube Live.  It took 45 hours from Time Square in NYC with non stop driving to Venice Beach Pier in California.

It is a freaking cool idea, the next road trip I plan on doing will not be non stop.  Seriously, we need a break at night to get some sleep and rest up. 

California was cool to visit again.  I made the trip to Malibu to the world famous El Matador Beach to chill out for a few hour's before making the long drive back home.   Here is a photo that I wanted to do the last time I was out there with Bill Reid but never had a chance to do.  Cross this one off the bucket list.
 El Matador Beach Cave photo.

Right now I'm enjoying the down time to get caught up on paperwork and work stuff.  I need a vacation from the vacation...

Press Release, Cross Country Live Stream 3/21/2014

March, 20 2014

Contact: Douglas Kiesling  651-238-0258, Ben McMillan 515-451-6330

NEWARK, NEW JERSEY- LLC, and The Iowa Storm Chasing Network are proud to announce a partnership in a coast-to-coast journey this weekend to test out the latest technology in live mobile newsgathering.

In partnership with Google Corporation’s, Kiesling and McMillan will attempt to make the approximately 2,900 mile drive from Times Square, New York to Santa Monica Beach, California NONSTOP while streaming live video to YouTube LIVE starting at 1pm Eastern Time on Friday, March 21 2014.

The pair will mobile broadcast from the New York City area over the lunch hour Friday, and then proceed to cross the country LIVE in front of YouTube’s millions of viewers, broadcasting each mile of the historic trip in high quality video.

The trip is scheduled to conclude around 8am Pacific Time Sunday morning after showing the sunrise on Santa Monica Pier in California.  Other highlights on the trip will include driving over the Brooklyn Bridge, past the Saint Louis Arch, streaming the Interstate 70 corridor through the Rocky Mountains, driving through the Las Vegas Strip, and finally through downtown Los Angeles at night.

To watch the live stream, go here


Devon Storveck, of the YouTube Partnership Team, says a project like this has never been attempted or
carried out before by any of their broadcast members.  

Kiesling, along with company technical advisor Brian Dombrowski, devised a system to broadcast
SD and HD video out of moving vehicles and into TV newsroom studios and multiple CDNs, such as YouTube LIVE, simultaneously.

The technology has been deployed by Kiesling's company,, with the primary mission of covering breaking-news weather events around the country as they happen.  

Most recently, Kiesling covered the severe winter storms associated with 2014’s “Polar Vortex,” and McMillan broadcasted live from both El Reno and Moore Oklahoma tornadoes in May of 2013. This week’s project engages the pair’s mobile newsgathering equipment to push the limits of geography and duration.

Media inquiries are welcome, and live footage and interviews from the road will be provided to both local and national clients.

Television markets on the route include:
1. New York
2. Pittsburgh
3. Indianapolis
4. St. Louis
5. Kansas City
6. Denver
7. Las Vegas
8. Los Angeles

About, LLC. provides late-breaking HD stock video of news events as they happen. Known by many in the industry for a niche in breaking news weather stories, has some of the fastest turn-around times when processing packages from its stringers. When the story is weather, helps clients tell the story first and accurately with video from the front line of stories.  Recently partnering with, a venture of Creative Heads Inc. of Sarasota Florida, company has extended its content to include LIVE breaking coverage for both television and online news clients.

About the Iowa Storm Chasing Network

The Iowa Storm Chasing Network provides weather forecasts, and up to the minute updates for the state of Iowa and surrounding regions.  A team of storm chasers deploys each Spring to cover severe weather across the American Midwest.  The team focuses on professional live coverage of severe weather as it happens.

Been two months.

I can't believe it has been two month's. 
I have not posted about this on my personal page yet, but the last three months have been insanely difficult.  Back in December, on my fathers birthday, he was admitted to the hospital for pneumonia and COPD.  After a few week's of fighting the pneumonia, he lost the fight on January 2nd, 2014.

One of the hardest thing's I have ever had to do in my life was to help write the following for the memorial.
Charles Allan Kiesling, Sr, originally of Murdock MN, passed quietly on January 2, 2014 at the age of 83.  Charles was surrounded by his wife and family at his passing.  Charles is survived by his wife, Nancy; daughter, Dorothy (Lyaman) McPherson; sons, Charles Jr. (Rose), Gregory (Stacey), Howard (Paul Massmann), and Douglas (Neva Andersen); and five grandchildren - Alaina McPherson, Ashley (RJ) Reyes, Thomas (Mandi) Kiesling, Candace Kiesling, and Nicholas Kiesling.  Charles is also survived by his sisters, Muriel, Margaret and Janet; and brother, Donald.

Charles worked for Sperry Rand through its various incarnations, including Sperry Univac and finally Unisys in the electronics engineering and developmental department until he retired after 38 years of service in 1993.  Charles' many accomplishments while working with Sperry include the creation of some of the first computer networking systems in the early 1960's for private industry and the government.  He was also credited with patents US 3497760 A and US 3531796 A.   He was the father of the Logical expansion circuitry for display systems, or "Graphical Computer Video Card" and the flashing or "Blinking Cursor."  Charles' visionary computer designs and ideas in the 1960's and 1970's helped lay the foundation for our modern computer world today.

Along with his large family, Charles was proud of his service with the US Navy and his Navy family.  As a crew member of the USS Collette DD 730, he was part of the Sitting Duck Squadron at Inchon during the Korean War.  He was the most recent editor and publisher for the USS Collette Association newsletter and enjoyed the ship's company reunions.  Over the years, Charles was very active in his community including the Boy Scouts of America, Clan MacBean Association of America, and the Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 5555.

While he was sick and in the hospital I put work on hold for the most part and made it a point to get down to see him at least every other day.  The last time I saw him was on New Years Eve.  I told him I was heading up north for CNN to cover the record breaking insane cold and that I was I would be back later on Friday, the 2nd to see him again and the weekend. 

I did manage to fulfill the promise of the goal that I told him about to get into the record breaking cold of -40F air temp and colder.  I even did the idea I was kicking around with freezing an egg in the -40F temps.

The funny thing about "The Ice Box" of International Falls.  Their are no banks with the time and temp signs in the city.  I had to look around to find this at sunrise to show how cold it was.

Soon after I took this photograph, I got a phone call from my sister telling me I needed to get down to the hospital and that it was not good and they did not think he would make it through the day.  When I told her I was up in International Falls, I was told to hurry back.   

I wrapped up my video shoot with the daylight conditions and raced back as fast as I could legally drive... 
Here is the video shoot for the daylight footage.

I kept giving my family updates on my location and when my brother Greg called and told me to hurry, I knew it was not good.  I told him to tell Dad I was racing down there to say goodbye but just outside of Minneapolis on the 694 loop, I got the call to slow down, it was too late and he was gone.

So with heavy heart, I have to say the last two month's have been very hard.  But it is still fun to remember everytime I look at a computer, I can still remember him saying telling me how and why he wrote up the blinking courser code and saying "I Made It Blink" sand with that, those are his final words on his tombstone.

Also in the 1970s when Apple Computer's came out with the Apple II, he was pissed since he said that Apple pirated the code and Sperry did not go after them on it. I'm sure when he got to heaven and saw Steve Jobs, he gave him a piece of his mind.

2/28/2014 Albert Lea, MN Interstate 35 Snow Storm

On the last day of February 2014, spring seems as if it is still month's away instead of just week's away as another round of winter weather impacts southern Minnesota.

B-Roll footage in the evening at sunset around Albert Lea, MN of the snow storm along Interstate 35.  Various scenes of traffic and snow plows on the interstate.

To license this footage, visit
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