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Intense Aurora Borealis over Duluth, MN and Lake Superior - 10/7/2015

Vivid Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights filled the sky over Duluth, MN on the shores of Lake Superior this morning as the earth was hit by a G2 Geomagnetic Storm per the Space Weather Prediction Center.

Storm Chasing Video Blog - Behind the chase video - Lightning - Vol 1

Here is something new that we are starting up with  Were starting up a new video blog talking about our videos and we discuss more of what happened in them.  The first one is from last week's lightning video from Saint Cloud, MN and the "Phantom Bolt" that showed up.

Ode to Kubrick, faster glass please, I want to see the Auroras better

Many year's ago, I was inspired by watching Stanley Kubricks work with tearing apart what was the status quo in cinematography and his use of insane idea's and camera mods to get the shot he wanted.  The video below is a little sample of what I'm talking about.

Intense close lightning & lots of lightning strikes from Saint Cloud, MN

Tonight was fun!!!  A non severe high based thunderstorm moved through the Saint Cloud, MN area this evening with some ridiculously intense amount of lightning.

9/6/2015 Monticello, MN Intense Lightning & Heavy Rain B-Roll

Trying to figure out a name for this style of lightning.  It was very intense and shot in real time. 

9/5/2015 Big Lake, MN Vivid Lightning Footage

Woke up really early and could not sleep, looked at the radar and said, oh snap, game on.  I missed the first line of storms because I was too lazy to get out of the house but I did get on the southern edge just before sunrise.  Wow a thunderstorm with vivid lightning moved across area of Big Lake, Minnesota. While not severe, it did produced a lot of dangerous cloud to ground lightning strikes.

Compilation of Ridiculous Car Crash and Slip and Slide Winter Weather

I finally got around to working on the compilation edit of all the ridiculous Car Crashes and Winter Weather  "Slip and Slide".

And now the next big adventure in life.

And now for the next big adventure in our lives.  Come Valentines Day 2016, we are adding a new member to our family. 

Yeah, I have already heard all the jokes from my friends about now they know why I was not out chasing all the garbage storms in May and stayed home to do something else.  Well yeah!!! 

8/13/2015 Central MN Overnight Lightning & Hail

Severe storms impacted central Minnesota last night and early this morning with large hail and vivid lightning.  It was another great opportunity for a local chase.


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