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Heading back to Punta Gorda Florida

11/24/2004 Heading back to Florida with a ton of Hurricane Charley Video. I could not beleive how huge of a hit DVD I produced. Their was hundreds of people lined up to buy the DVD at the Celtic Ray. The sales were crazy with 550 videos in just 4 hours. Not huge when you think of it as a major production but for a micro production where I just produced this DVD for fun on the side, it's pretty huge for us.

Holy Smokes, back to Florida this afternoon.

11/21/2004 Holy Smokes, Its 3:30 PM and I'm once again sitting at the Minneapolis International Airport in route to Florida... AGAIN with an emergency shipment of Hurricane Charley Videos.

What?  An emergency shipment of videos you say?

Why? Because the Sunday Newspaper reviewed our video, again...

We made the cover of the Sunday Business Section.

SWEET!!! Here is the story they published.


Here is the story they published.

Back in Florida Today

11/05/2004 In Florida!!!

After taking some much needed time off and doing nothing, I feel great!!! I needed a vacation bad and now I'm starting to get back into the mix again. No, I'm not in bad shape. As a matter of fact, the Doctors said I'm in great health, I just need to get more then 4 hours of sleep a day from now on and cut back on the junk food and coffee. In short, I was burning out fast and felt like crap.