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Back out after relaxing

10/22/2004 After taking several days off of doing NOTHING which was everything I dreamed it would be, I'm back on the hunt!!! Currently I'm somewhere in southern Minnesota storm chasing and relaxing, cranking some old school Metallica Garage Days... Its a good thing I had several days to rest up and focus on other stuff because today is going to be a long day. I was already out this morning playing Weather Channel Photographer in the fog around Minneapolis.

Taking needed time off.

10/14/2004, Taking some much needed and doctor ordered time off to relax and work on some personal projects, not work.

With all the running around it caught up to me yesterday during the morning. So for the next few days, I'm going to be relaxing and kicking back on the couch and doing nothing... per doctors orders.  

Working too hard today.

10/04/2004 It's 4:30 am in the morning, the temp in my Jeep says its 38F outside and I just got done shooting my first video package of the morning for The Weather Channel.

Yes playing cold weather Videographer this morning and to think that just 8 days ago I was just finishing up my Hurricane Jeanne video shoot in Fort Pierce Florida and it was in the 80s there.

Trying to catch up with tons of work.

10/01/2004 I'm really backed up on getting all the stock video footage out to clients and I had a full day of video shooting for The Weather Channel. Work started at 4:45 AM then  8:00 AM and another at 2:00 PM for the shoots of the weather going from bad to just crappy cold rain.

Only thing left to do now is snow... Yes, I put in a 12 hours video shoot shift and trying to get stuff caught up after all the hurricane chases, I'm getting a little burned out. I need a vacation from my workaholicism self...

09/26/2004 Hurricane Jeanne Video Update

In Orlando Florida Tonight.  I had a VERY Successful Chase and was in Fort Pierce Beach Florida, The Same Place  For Hurricane Frances.

I shot a lot of great footage for our Hurricane Jeanne Video collection. I posted the video the was on The Weather Channel this morning but due to lack of sleep, I'll post the Hurricane Jeanne Photographs when I wake up.   Click here to review the whole Hurricane Jeanne blog.

Here is a short video from my Hurricane Jeanne chase.