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08/24/2004 PM, Out storm chasing.

08/24/2004 PM, Out storm chasing. I got fed up with editing video all day long and looked at the radar and wow, there was a storm on the radar and I had a great excuse to get away from working at home... Its 11:40 pm now and I just fed the video into TWC and don't feel like staying up and updating the site with all the photos tonight but I have a video on line of what was fed in.

Working on the DVD

08/23/2004 Today I have been working on the Punta Gorda, Hurricane Charley video project all day long. The video project is going to be in several chapters for the DVD. Pre Hurricane Charley Storm Footage, Hurricane Charley Hits Punta Gorda, After Charley Damage Video In Punta Gorda and some storm review data section and bonus material. Right now I'm working on the Hurricane Charley hits Punta Gorda section and between all the video cameras we had working during the storm, I'm already up to 55 Minutes of action packed footage, and were not even to the eye wall yet.