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All geared up and ready to go but which direction?


MPX area forecast

The above map shows where I am and where the weather is going to be.  I'm all geared up and just have to put the cameras and computer in the truck and head out but which way?  I could head towards the cities and work on one project or head out west for blizzard footage but in the middle of farm country. 

Or the other option, stay home and work on stuff from home and head out when it gets closer to home.

Winter is not done yet, major winter storm to hit Minnesota tomorrow and Tuseday.

Yeah, I know I have been slacking on updating the blog but I have been super busy with video editing for the new BNVN site. 

I'm going to be taking a break from that work to get back to shooting footage this week of a major winter storm to hit Minnesota.  This is going to be one of the bigger storms to hit the area from Saint Cloud to Fargo. 

NWS forecast for March 9th. 2009 for Minnesota.

Wrap of a busy week.

It's Friday evening and Neva and I are relaxing at home after a busy week of winter weather.

This week we got hit by a couple of snow storms with one being huge yesterday.  The storm was a winner for shooting B-roll and for stock footage.  I have uploaded a video of the two ENG video packages that I shot yesterday.   

update on stuff and stuff

Ok, It's been over a week since I updated my blog but that's because I was pretty busy. 
Where do I start?  Ok went to Denver for the Storm Chase Convention.  It was ok but I'm so sick of hearing about the same forecasting stuff for the last 5 years.  There needs to be more time for mixing and meeting people.  That was what the whole thing was about when it started, hanging out and meeting friends and making new friends. 

Harry Connick Jr. Autograph Signing

Harry Connick Jr. Autograph Signing At The Mall Of America

Tonight Neva and I were working on a project for my stock video collection.  While I was shooting footage, Neva was taking photographs of the event. 

We posted just a few of the photographs on line and I have a bunch of video to still review and catalog from tonights event.  Here is the full bio of the event. 

So Cold Out, It Hurts To Breathe

-36F on the air temp readout

Ok, this morning I wanted to get into one of the coldest spots I could find and I did it just down the road from the St. Cloud Minnesota Airport while heading into Minneapolis to shoot some early morning cold weather footage.   When I got out to experience the -36F temps, it was a shock to the system and hurt to breathe the air since it was so cold if you were not expecting it. 

Where Is My Global Warming? -24F Temps yesterday may have busted a water main today.

Ok, for the record, the global warming thing is a farking scam in my opinion.  Yes we should be clean and not pollute the water and air but we are already doing all that so shut the hell up with the global warming stuff because it is hella cold outside.  The Uncle Al Gore crap has got to stop because this winter has been just brutal with the winter weather slamming into the United States.