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ouch forecast

Just wrapping up coding for the night... Data bases are so much fun... But, sitting at home and catching up on work and getting stuff done while I wait to find out when I have to go out of town for some interviews is better then being on a Ridge Of Death or a ROD bust. I have to admit the other day was pretty crazy for my crew in the Denver area but then again they are chasing an hour from home and there not spending $3.25 a gallon for gas with 1000 miles to chase.

some photos from last night.

While most of the country is now under the ROD or Ridge Of Death, it look's as if everything is shifting north now with the jet stream. Tomorrow looks interesting with the chances of some severe weather around Minnesota.
Last night and early this morning I was out playing with the pop corn storms.
Here is some shots I took while taking a break from the SQL training along with one from the other night. The first is from May 8th up in Shoreview.

A post from the Linux Machine.

Ok, yes, I stayed up all night again but hey, I got a lot done. With the coding stuff I have been working on, I amd about ready to unleash the new site. I was able to write up some stuff to automate stuff that well, simply put, I'm working smarter, not harder to get the new site up and running without using any other sites like YouTube or Google for the video hosting.

So far so good...

Today was very interesting

Well, I don't want to jinx anything but I had another interview today that was kind of a get in here ASAP and talk to us. It was with one of the local stations as a staff photog working part time but sounds like I'll could have the chance to go full time or at least gain a shit load of experience in the ENG side shooting local news.
But at the same time I checked my email tonight and I have been asked for a follow up offer with a company out in PA to be a weather photog and head up the insane weather stuff.

striking night

Well, a little light show started to kick up around the metro last night (its 3:30 in the morning right now...) and it was pretty fun. I saw on radar where the storms were forming and where I thought they were going and decided to go and scout out a spot I found a few years ago up by Shoreview to get the lightning hitting the towers.
Well, the towers did not take a hit but the light show was pretty cool. I shot about 45 mintues of footage and just dubed everything in to edit at a later date.
Here is one of the photos from tonight.

Interesting day...

Well, today was an interesting day. I had two interviews today for a couple of gigs but the one gig that sounded promising was for an out state sr. photojournalist position. If I get that gig, hello northeast region. It sounds like they were hella interested but for me to move out east it would take a chunk of change.

ugh, Fedora, 1000 pages of ugh...

It's no secret that I've been up to something which is why I stayed home from the weekends insane chasing. Well, it is all about the server. I've been busting ass trying to get the new Linux machine up and running.
What is it? Made my own youtube for all the BNVN Stringers.
yeah, been busting ass learning code and encoding, transcoding, php, sql, decoding, recoding, c++ encoding linux fedora crapola to the point where I'm getting sick of it.
But, the end result will be something bad ass in a few more weeks.

Playing Assignment Desk dude

Since today and yesterday were huge outbreak days with hundreds of chasers out there, I stayed home to let my crews go out there and chase. Well, there are a ton of chasers the last time I looked at the tracking stuff with spotternetwork and swiftwx. How many people? 135 people out there right now as I type this up.

Lightning in liquordale..

Ok, so it was not in Liquordale, that is just a song I'm listening to right now by The Peelers but it sounded cool.
Here is a Daylight Lightning Photograph, not a vid cap like some losers try to pull off calling it a day light lightning photo but a real daylight lightning photograph with the Nikon D70s
This was taken near Fairbault MN the other day. I was distracting myself from the real work and studying for the new programming stuff so I figured I would look through the photos.

stuff servers sites and learning

Well, it is 4:30 in the morning and I just got my new beta testing server up and running. This is the new server to get the new website for BNVN back up and running.
This has been a real learning process to get up and running. It is the first time I setup a server on my own and have it up and running.