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Aurora bust but new Katrina docu in the works

Last night the aurora chase was a total bust. Clouds messed it up pretty bad and I ended up wasting my time. Tomorrow looks to be cloudy as well but I might be able to get out and see the auroras if they happen again. It will be a road trip if it happens.
Today I have been working from home and just got a call from another production company wanting to do a Katrina docu. This one sounds like it might be good but its another non profit one that wants stuff dirt cheap. Sorry folks, screen credits don't pay the bills.

Almost done with some of the tornado scans.

Trying to edit through 250 gigs worth of scans is a total pain in the ass. But I have got through some of the old tornado stuff and here are a couple images. So what did I edit in the photos? These negs were sitting in a box for up to 10 years in some cases. They are scratched and dirty so I have to go through everything at 12,000 DPI and clean up the scratches. But it is worth it.
This first one is from 2000 over in Wisconsin of all places. It just kept spinning up and trying to put out a funnel before it just died.

A funny new photo

One of those great Iowa photos thank makes you say huh?
Is this not like, um yeah. NO SHIT.
Waiting for Tony to photo shop "Roger" on the top of it :-)


Wild Dog Attack Photos From Chase

Here are some photos of the wild dogs that chased me down while I was out chasing this year. I stopped on the side of the road in South Dakota to get a shot of a dying super cell and then these guys came out of nowhere from the house across the highway. These guys were looking at me like I was their new chew toy and like some crazy horror movie, they kept following me around until I got back in my Jeep after fighting them off and got away with my life...

almost done with the photos

After 3 years of work, sorting, video editing, reviewing, scanning, re scanning, touching up photos, the whole fucking project is almost done. After having a shitty holiday and just staying home to work vs being invited over for left overs at my brothers house, I was able to get a lot of stuff done. The new will soon be up and running.

Photo review update

Just for the people wondering how many photos I have to review, I did a CHKDSK on my photo drives. Total number of files to be reviewed, 22,092.
This should keep me busy tomorrow.