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June 2006 Blogs

6/29/2006 Back in Florida today, again. Not for any hurricanes but for a underwater scuba video project for the upcoming TV project. Brian is going to help out with some of the camera work for this but I'll be out diving the wrecks and stuff with him on the Ultimate Getaway out of Fort Myers. We have a 12 hour boat ride to get started on and I'll finally have some time to get back to working on the web page with NO Cell Phone, Email, or anything else to interrupt me while I'm working. Wow, that will be a vacation.

May 2006 Blogs

5/29/2006 Was out on a local chase today and got in a hail storm in Goodhue County, MN.

5/29/2006 This morning I was out shooting video for TWC's morning show. 

April 2006 Blogs

4/29/06 I finished the uploading of all the video to the new server for the on line video catalog. Almost 400 videos going on line soon. Lots of work yet to be done but there going live in the next few weeks.

4/28/06 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel.

4/27/06 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel.

January 2006 Blogs

01/29/2006 Today I was out shooting more video for The Weather Channel of the snow in the Twin Cities. Snow is rare now with the record temps that we have been having.

Snow video in St. Paul for the Winter Carnival

December 2005 Blogs

12/31/2005 Home Relaxing and letting the computer run on auto pilot to digitize the last of the video archive for the new Weather Paparazzi website. Almost done with the archive.

12/30/2005 Today was an extreme video day. I started shooting at midnight for The Weather Channel for the early show and then I was booked up again for second morning show. I got a lot of great snow footage today including a couple of aftermath of some cars spun out due to the roads being slick.

November 2005 Blogs

11/30/2005 Today I was out covering the snow storm and shoppers at the Mall of America for TWC.

11/28/2005 In western Minnesota covering the Blizzard that is hitting the area.  Shooting lots of Blizzard video.

August 2005 Blogs

08/31/2005 I'm still alive and back in Minneapolis. I evacuated the area last night and caught a flight home from Houston. Been up for 28 hours, going to bed and will try not have nightmares about what I saw yesterday and the day before. New Orleans Is Destroyed, It Is Gone. The Town Is GONE!!!  It's almost all under water!

July 2005 Blog

7/30/2005 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel this morning at Lake Harriet at sunrise. I feel like crap today and getting very sick. I don't know why but its not good!

Weather Channel Video