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Well, been a while but still working on things behind the scenes.

I was told the other day that I have not updated my personal blog page or site in a couple months.  Well maybe because there really has not been much happening.  Yeah I had the retarded stalker that I had to file a police report on who turned out to be a youth counselor at a local christian center and church who was pissed off because we shot some news footage he didn't like.  Oh wow, you don't like the news and you are a "Christian" Youth Counselor, well "Forgive Me..."  Yeah, Foxtrot Delta Bravo...

Storms and Auroras

ahhhh, back from a dive trip and got some much needed rest and relaxation on a working vacation in Florida.  So how does a working trip equal a vacation?  Simple, 100 miles out in the middle of the gulf shooting HD video of the Coral Reefs with no cell phone or internet or anyone bugging me for a few days and I get to dive, yeah, it was a tough gig...  I'm still logging the video but here are a couple of still photos from the trip.

Wow, another 45 days since I updated the blog.

Ok, with Facebook making my updates way too easy, I keep blowing off updating my actual website.  I do have the twitter feed on the left so I hope it has kept some people updated.

So, what the heck have I been up to over the last month?
For one, been really busy working on the new website for BNVN and getting things up to speed now that I have some help with it.  It's going to be pretty slick since my vision of what the ultimate stock footage site should be is finally coming true. 

Weekend storms were a bust but found some gold...

This weekend there was some cold core storms that caught a lot of the local chasers off guard.  Reports of weak tornadoes got everyone's attention fast and by the time I got out the door, the storm system died off to be just a heavy rain event.

The day was not a total bust as it also was a location scouting trip for new photo sites.  This year I'm going to be looking for abandoned sites to photograph around the Midwest.   We found this old school house that was closed down in 1958.

Hey, remember me, I'm still here and trying to update this blog and website.

Yes I know I have fallen to the quick and easy updates on my Facebook page to update my friends with what is happening in life but I have to remember that I also have a lot of friends that are not on 'Crackbook" and they look at this site for updates.

So what is happening?  What have a photographed in the last three weeks? What is new, fresh and exciting gossip in the Storm Chasing world?

Well first off, there are a lot of new news stories about how "Storm Chasing Is Out Of Control" because so many people are storm chasing now that it is clogging up the roadways.

The Cosmos

Cross this shot off my bucket list.  I have wanted to get a photograph of the Cosmos, MN sign with an Aurora Borealis event in the background for about a decade.  This morning while trying to out from under the cloud cover I was able to get the shot. 

Weather Wars...

What is in a name?  When I first got on the internet back in 1996/1997, I used the joke name "Lightningboy" because it was a joke with some friends at work when I worked at ProColor.  It was a nickname that my friend Shane gave me that I pretty much hated.  So instead of letting him win and get the best of me, I embraced it and ran with it to turn the joke around on him.