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08/07/2004 ugh

08/07/2004 Still Banging My Head Against The Wall With The New Laptop Computer Issues. I had a nice break after midnight this morning and was able shoot some lightning from home again.


So I was able to play Videographer for The Weather Channel while I was shooting the photographs.

08/06/2004 Sun Dogs.

08/06/2004 Sun Dogs. While banging my head on the wall trying to get the new laptop setup for on the road video editing, I took a break and relaxed on one of my decks that faces to the west. The next thing I know I'm  seeing some Sun Dogs.

I thought it was kind of odd since I normally see them in the middle of winter and its the first week of August. And "NO" that is not a UFO in the photo but an airplane. I put in a zoomed in image next to the plane that shows that it is a plane.

08/06/2004 The work never stops...

08/06/2004 The work never stops... I got called by one of the producers at The Weather Channel to see how fast I could get some video out of Minneapolis. I normally get the call in the middle of the afternoon but today it was already after 4pm with a 6pm deadline and I still had to deal with major Minneapolis grid lock traffic. Yep, I pulled it off and ended up making someones day by getting a quick video clip of them getting their wedding photos taken in the Rose Garden on TV.

08/04/2004 It's cold out.

08/04/2004 Another Cold Morning In Minneapolis Minnesota with temps back down in the low 60s at sunrise this morning while I was out shooting video for The Weather Channels, First Outlook morning show. Not much weather coming this way for a few days, looks like I can focus on more BNVN stuff to get that site updated.

08/02/2004 Out Storm Chasing.

08/02/2004 Out Storm Chasing. Right Now I'm In Lake Crystal MN, which is in the center of this watch and about 90 minutes southwest of Minneapolis. Weather Watch 690 Severe Thunderstorm for Minnesota and South Dakota until 9:00 PM CST - AXIS..35 STATUTE MILES NORTH AND SOUTH OF LINE.. 15S HON/HURON SD/ - 45ESE MKT/MANKATO MN/ .AVIATION COORDS.. 30NM N/S /70WNW FSD - 54NNE MCW/ HAIL SURFACE AND ALOFT..2 INCHES. WIND GUSTS..60 KNOTS. MAX TOPS TO 500. MEAN STORM MOTION VECTOR 28035. Some photographs from the road.

08/01/2004 PM

Well, I went to Worthington MN, I chased clear blue sky, I busted hard due To An Atomic Cap!

The air aloft was hella warm and the storms just could not fire. But, I did make the best of it and did some photography south of Marshall MN of some cool looking stuff. Notice the clear sky? At least I got to take one of the photographs that I have been looking to get and some more experience with the new camera.