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Well, last night and this morning was pretty interesting.

Just getting ready to wrap up for the night and get some much needed sleep. Neva and I were heading out before 10:00 pm to our secret spot to go and wait for the Northern Lights when several police cars were heading in the other direction really REALLY fast. And then more squad cars and even more squad cars, so we knew something was happening.
Turns out the first set of cars were chasing after a pickup truck that was fleeing and out of nowhere, at least a dozen more police and state troopers were on the scene.

Dramatic Aurora Footage

No sleep last night, Neva and I were watching the sky light up even with a full moon that tried to wash out the Auroras Borealis just north of Saint Cloud, MN.

The solar storm from the X Class solar flare finally hit and we shot stills and a pretty sweet time-lapse video as the storm was peaking as a "G3" Geomagnetic storm just after midnight as the KP reached 7.  

If the full moon was not out, this would have been a major event that would have been seen as far south as Kansas.

Back home from Chasercon

This past weekend was fun, I got to see some old friends and make a lot of new friends.  Had a little scare on the drive out where it started to leak some fluids but ended up being a power steering line that was starting to fail.  I made it home and got the truck into the shop.

ChaserCon this year was different for me since I worked at the Chasers Edge booth with my friend Brandon Clark since another friend got sick and could not make it out to help out. 

Mitsubishi Cars, Ride The Storm commercial project.

I can finally post a blog about a project I helped out with that I had to keep under wraps until now.  A while back I was contacted by a production company in Los Angeles, CA about helping out with a new project they were working on for Mitsubishi Cars called "Ride The Storm".

They needed some professional winter weather B-roll footage that showed some pretty intense driving conditions in winter storms and blizzards.  I was honored that they picked my footage for this project.  

A power flash during a thunderstorm...

After the latest round of thunderstorm and early season tornadoes in Alabama, a lot of people on Facebook are freaking out about someone in the media that read a script on a prompter saying "Tornadoes Hit Without Warning".  Really, you freak out on a talking head in front of a camera that reads a news script like Obama reads a speech but you don't stop and look at a some of the chasers blowing it calling it a tornado without seeing a tornado.  What I'm talking about is the power flashes.

Happy Trails to the warm winter.

Last week when I updated my blog it was record warm temps and now its back to normal for winter in Minnesota.  Ahhh, I knew it would not last but we still have had one heck of a great winter with little snow cover and warm temps.  It is time to get back to normal before the spring storm chasing season starts up and were back to the chase.

Record High Temperatures in Minneapolis, MN

Ok, today just was perfect and one of the days where I love my job because I get to work out side to document the weather. This time of year I should be wearing snow pants, big heavy coats and living in cold weather survival gear.  Today, I was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt outside while getting footage in Minneapolis, MN of people out in the record warm temps that made it feel more like April then the heart of Winter.

I know this won't last long but it sure was nice just to get out and enjoy being outside with the hot sun keeping me warm when I should be freezing my arse off.

One world, one soul, time pass, the river rolls - Mississippi River at Full Moon

Every time I do photography near the Mississippi or when I lived in Burnsville of the Minnesota River, I always had the saying "One world, one soul, time pass, the river rolls"

Tonight I was working at the office and killing time while waiting for some footage to encode.  Yes I finally have private office space that I rent to keep the business out of the home and the work out of the home to try and have a somewhat normal life. 

Quadrantid Meteors and fireball photo.

Yesterday, Jan 4th, 2012,  Earth passed through a stream of debris from shattered comet 2003 EH1 which is the source of the Quadrantid meteors.

While not feeling that great, I went out in the cold weather and hung out in the uber secret spot that I use when I need to be in almost total darkness just north of Saint Cloud.  I say almost total darkness as in no traffic, no street lights and no light pollution in the field of view.