45 hours in a SUV to drive across the country and it was all live streamed

Ok just getting caught up on the personal blog about what has been happening in the last month.  Winter is finally over but I think we will have one more major winter storm in northern Minnesota before the end of this month. 

Ben and I survived the road trip across the country and we set the record for being the first to live stream across the United States of America and to live stream across the USA on Youtube Live.  It took 45 hours from Time Square in NYC with non stop driving to Venice Beach Pier in California.

It is a freaking cool idea, the next road trip I plan on doing will not be non stop.  Seriously, we need a break at night to get some sleep and rest up. 

California was cool to visit again.  I made the trip to Malibu to the world famous El Matador Beach to chill out for a few hour's before making the long drive back home.   Here is a photo that I wanted to do the last time I was out there with Bill Reid but never had a chance to do.  Cross this one off the bucket list.
 El Matador Beach Cave photo.

Right now I'm enjoying the down time to get caught up on paperwork and work stuff.  I need a vacation from the vacation...