And now the next big adventure in life.

And now for the next big adventure in our lives.  Come Valentines Day 2016, we are adding a new member to our family. 

Yeah, I have already heard all the jokes from my friends about now they know why I was not out chasing all the garbage storms in May and stayed home to do something else.  Well yeah!!! 

We are so excited about having a baby and adding to the family.  Since we are older, the medical staff was worried about everything at first but so far all of the tests have come back showing were in our early forties going on 30.  

Neva is still pretty worried about everything and we will never be totally 100% out of the woods until the baby is born but right now, everything is on track for a Valentines Day birthday. 

One thing we did learn that put me at ease but really did not help Neva is that we were told by one of the medical staff at our last visit that her "Morning Sickness" was actually a good sign for the baby being healthy.  I joked about it being an all day sickness and learned as the father, in this to situation to pretty much shut up because the line of communications was between the staff and the Mother, I was just there to take notes and make sure she does what they told her to do for her and the baby to stay health.

Since Neva said I could be as descriptive as possible within reason for my blog, I will make this joke.  What is it like with living with someone with morning sickness that is actually an all day sickness?  What does it sound like?  Well from the TV Show South Park.  This is the only thing I could come up with what I have been hearing for a couple times a day for the last 2 months...  A Dying Giraffe...

Otherwise, life has been pretty normal, just have not been able to chase more then a few hours from home now since I have had to be on call if something happened with the baby. 

The funny thing is all of our friends and family have been telling us that the Morning Sickness should go away in a couple weeks.  They have been saying that for week's and still everyday I hear the Dying Giraffe. 

The best quote Neva told me to talk about is what the Doctor said.  He said when he used a devise to listen to the babies heart, "You are totally pregnant".

So the highlights for the past month, seeing several tornadoes and some insane storms close too home, finally able to announce the news about the baby and the best thing ever was missing the storms on 8/12 way up north.  Wait, what, missing a storm was the best thing ever you say?  Yes, because in the ultra sound images above, our child waved and said hello to us.