Back home and time to get back to work

The Weather Paparazzi Is Going Hollywood

Ok, I'm back home in Minnesota and back to work for me in the office.  I have a ton of emails to go through and stuff to take care of for the next few days.  I'll post the trip photos later tonight. 

Photos from my trip out to Burbank and Los Angeles. I timed my trip wrong for the plan to intercept some wild fires to shoot stock footage and ENG footage of the fires.  But it was not a total loss as I had more time to hang out with the crew putting together the show I'm with Original Productions.  Here is some of the behind the scenes photos from the trip at Original and out checking out some of the burn areas with Bill Reid.

Nighttime shot of the LA area

Bill Reid showed me around some of the cool spots off the normal tourist trap paths.

Lizard Weather

The crew looking worn out.

Me and the man with the plan

the coolest vending machine in the world

the coolest vending machine in the world

Ben and Fitz

John Gray working.

The Man, JPF

Shots around OP

Of course I had to look for the spots what were in Blazing Saddles.