Back home from Chasercon

This past weekend was fun, I got to see some old friends and make a lot of new friends.  Had a little scare on the drive out where it started to leak some fluids but ended up being a power steering line that was starting to fail.  I made it home and got the truck into the shop.

ChaserCon this year was different for me since I worked at the Chasers Edge booth with my friend Brandon Clark since another friend got sick and could not make it out to help out. 

Brandon, pictured with his girlfriend Arilla above, is a chaser that Chris Collura and I met back on the chase on 5/22/2008 and he is the mastermind behind the new clothing line at

I missed a lot of the talks that I wanted to hear while helping out at the Chasers Edge booth so I was a little bummed out.  While the flip side was I was able to meet and greet a lot more people then I would have have if I was just sitting around listening to talks.  I practically chatted with almost 95% of crowd that was at the convention and those who I didn't get a chance to talk to, Brandon did, so it was a pretty fun time and a huge success for the launch of his clothing line. 

Speaking of fun times, Friday morning, was the best part of ChasersCon.  The snowmobile trip that Tony, Chris and I always try to make up into the mountains and bring a few new people with for the fun.  This year, we brought Evan (Wipe out) Bookbinder, Scott Bennett, Scott Hammel, along with Brandon and Val Ivey. 

We were up at the crack of dawn and left the hotel just after 6am to head up into the mountains for what Tony, Chris and I knew would be a life changing day for the rest when we got up on top of the divide.

After some practice runs around the test track, our guides had to get a few of the people in our group some warmer gear to they didn't freeze their necks and face.  From then on, it was all fun with some joking around at Evan's expense since his new nick name is Wipe Out. 

I was able to get one photograph that I have been after for years.  Since it has been a couple year's from the last time we were out there, I have had this idea of one photograph that I have been wanting to redo with a wide lense and I finally got to get the shot.


The photo below is Brandon and Val Ivey getting ready to head up into the mountains.

Here is Evan "Wipe Out" Bookbinder.  He got the nickname since he went off trail and got stuck three times but didn't hit anything except deep snow.

Flying down the trails at 50 mph with taking photos behind me at the same time was pretty fun.

Brandon and Val Ivey standing by what is left of an old log cabin post office

Tony and Scott Bennett taking a break at Tony's mine.  The scarf is coving up the ear to ear grin on Scotts face.  The fun factor was off the charts.

Chris Collura checking out the deep dark blue sky at Tony's Mine at 10,500 feet above sea level.

Another scenic shot while working our way around the trails up to the pass.

And then the wow factor as we rode the sleeds up to the top of the Continental Divide, at Georgia Pass where we were at 11,585 feet above sea level.

Continental Divide tours to Georgia Pass at 11,585 feet

Below shows Tony, Scott and Evan having fun and looking off to the west on the top of the divide.

Tony, Scott and Evan looking off to the west.

Group photo on top of the divide.

Making fun of someone...  "LOOK, IT'S CLEAR SKY AND NOTHING HAPPENING"

making fun of someone...

Chris Collura just amazed and talking about how he jumps out of planes to go skydiving from this height and now he is standing here again.

Chris Collura


Georgia Pass, looking west.

After we drove down off the divide, Tony redeems himself by making it past the area where he crashed last time when some idiots stopped around a blind corner to take a photo.  He drove off the side of the path and down a cliff instead of driving into them and killing them.

Tony redeems himself

When we got back to the area where we started at, one of the managers showed us some of the new born sled dog puppies. 

Tony Laubach with a 17 day old puppy

Again, this year's pre ChaserCon sleeding event and almost everything with ChaserCon was perfect.