Catching up on stuff and something interesting about my family.

Been busy working at the new office for the last few weeks trying to make a dent in all the new stock footage and the new video company that I'm working on.  More details about the new company will be out soon but for now, its still under wraps. 

It's been pretty busy here trying to catalog and edit all the new footage.  I have about two more terabytes of stuff to review before I'll be caught up but I'm pushing to get it all done and then start working on the new photo from the last year to get all of them on line and cataloged.  It's just a lot of work.

Speaking of work, My brother Greg reminded me while joking with some people about crazy stuff that people do about our dad and one of his many great invention (other than us).

Check out this link and you will say wow.  Yes, our old man invented the Blinking Cursor and his name is actually on the United States Patent

Patent number: 3531796
Filing date: Aug 24, 1967
Issue date: Sep 29, 1970

Crazy eh?  He told us he did a lot of crazy stuff when he worked for Sperry and he worked there for over 35 years.  I'm going to have to print this thing out and show him his name is finally on the internet.

Well, I need to get some computers on auto pilot and working on encoding video while I sleep so I better get back to work.