February 2004 Blog

02/28/2004 It's Spring Like Warm Out In Minneapolis, MN Today And I'm Out Running Around Shooting Video Of The First Signs Of Spring. No, Not The Return Of The Robin's From The South. Its The Return Of People Running Around In Shorts With Snow Still On The Ground.

02/28/2004 Playing Weather Channel Photographer

02/26/2004 Someone Asked Me To Put Together Some Of My Best Stuff For A Book Project They Are Working On And It Really Got Me Off My Butt To Get The Latest Images Scanned In. I Just Got This Image Back From The Lab. The Photo Was Taken Using My Old Ciro Flex 120 Camera With About A 3 Minute Exposure.

Lightning Photography

Click On The Thumbnail Image Above To See The Full Size Image.

02/24/2004 Out Flying Today. Got Vectors Right Over The Top Of Minneapolis International Airport, Into The Heart Of The Class Bravo Airspace For Vectors For The ILS 10R Into Flying Cloud Airport. SWEET!!!


I Just Have To Stop And Thank The Lord For Being Able To Fullfil My Dreams. Now That I Have My Company BNVN Up And Running Strong, I'm Able To Do What I Love To Do. The Funny Thing Is, Storm Chasing Was Always A Hobby Of Mine And Flying Airplanes Is What I Went To School For. After 9/11/01 I Was Pretty Much Screewed Since I Was Just Finishing Up The Last Of My College Courses That I Needed To Graduate To Move On And Start A Flying Gig. Now Just Over Two And A Half Years Later, I Look Back And See How Life Tossed Me A Little Twist. My Hobby Before, Is Now My Full Time Job Which I Love And What I Went To College For Is Now My Hobby Which I Love. Thank You Jesus Because It All Works Out In The End.

02/22/2004 Was Out Playing Photographer For The Weather Channel Again Today After Church. It Was Slippery Out Their Today With The Freezing Rain And Snow.

02/20/2004 The Snow Is Flying And I'm Out On Assignment For The Weather Channel 

02/19/2004 On Assignment Again For The Weather Channel in Minneapolis

02/17/2004 Was Out Flying This Morning But Now On Assignment This Afternoon For The Weather Channel Due To Warm Weather In Minneapolis

02/16/2004 Still Working On Chronic Insomnia. Hope To Have It Done This Week And On My New Pay Pal Store.

02/15/2004 Finishing Work On My Highlights Video "Chronic Insomnia". All Of The BNVN and Weather Channel Assignment Desks Staff Always Ask "Lightningboy, When Do You Sleep?" Since I'm Always Working. So What Would Be More Fitting For A Title? Oh Yeah, I Was Also Out Shooting Video For The Weather Channel Evening Show This Afternoon.

02/14/2004 Taking the day off, Cheers

02/13/2004 Out Shooting For The Weather Channel This Morning.

02/12/2004 Relaxing At Home In Minneapolis Trying To Work On The Web Site To Get All These Daily Logs Cleaned Up :-)

02/08/2004 With The Denver Conference Now Behind Us, The BNVN Crew Went Up Into The Mountains To Play!!! Here We Are At 11318 Feet High Near The Town Of Leadville Colorado. You Can Really Tell Who Is From Florida And Who Is From Minnesota. At Over Two Miles Up, With An Air Temp Of +5F And A Wind Chill Of About -2F.


02/07/2004 In Denver At The National Storm Chaser Convention. Here is a SWEET photo of me doing video for The Weather Channel with their Severe Weather Expert Dr. Greg Forbes. This photo was taken by Dr. William Hark of www.harkphoto.com

Playing Weather Channel Photographer

And Here Are Some Vid Caps Of The On Air Broadcast.

Playing Weather Channel Photographer

Playing Weather Channel Photographer

Playing Weather Channel Photographer

02/06/2004 WOW, I Have Been Crazy Busy For The Last Two Weeks. But Now, Its PARTY TIME. Off To The National Severe Storms Conference in Denver Today. BNVN Is A Huge Sponsor So I'm Going To Be There.

02/05/2004 Out Shooting Video For The Weather Channel this morning. The Race Was On For The St. Paul Winter Carnival Medallion. At Least A Few Thousand People Crammed Into Phalen In St Paul To Search For The $10,000 Prize In The Early Morning Hours This Morning.

St. Paul Winter Carnival Hunt

02/02/2004 More Video For The Weather Channel Of Snow And Cold Today. Man I'm Liking This Weather, Its Keeping Me Out Of Trouble!

02/01/2004 Its Super Snow Sunday And I'm Out Shooting Video Of Cars In The Ditch, Heavy Snow And People This Morning For The Weather Channel.