Happy Trails to the warm winter.

Last week when I updated my blog it was record warm temps and now its back to normal for winter in Minnesota.  Ahhh, I knew it would not last but we still have had one heck of a great winter with little snow cover and warm temps.  It is time to get back to normal before the spring storm chasing season starts up and were back to the chase.

Tonight Neva and I were out doing some photos at our spot up north of town where the light pollution is not bad.  I wanted to play around with the new camera setup some more now that the were entering into a new moon phase and get some cool star trails.

The photograph below is about an hour long exposure pointed towards the north star in the top center of the frame.  Still need to work on a few things but my goal is to do a 8 hour photo.  I just need to get up north and do this where the light pollution is zero.

Click on the image to see the larger image size.