Hurricane Irene storm chase footage from Groton Long Point, CT

While Hurricane Irene was being laughed at by people in the New York City area for being a lame rain on their weekend plans, 90 miles to the east Hurricane Irene lived up to the forecast with Hurricane force winds and storm surge.

Brian and I saw that the storm was looking more and more like a Nor-Easter and opted for the chase in the Groton Long Point area which is just north and east of Long Island.  We were still in an area for good storm surge and combined with the high tide, it was just what we were expecting.

I'll be posting more info and a full blog when I get back home with the photography but here are the videos we uploaded to Youtube. 

8/28/2011 Hurricane Irene Slams Into Groton, CT Long Point Shoreline.

8/28/2011 Hurricane Irene Storm Surge Camera, Groton, CT

8/28/2011 Hurricane Irene Hitting Groton, CT Lone Point, area.