Major flooding drops record rainfall in Phoenix, AZ from Hurricane Norbert.

Wow, today was an insane with the record amount of flooding that hit the Phoenix, AZ area.  After checking out the area south of Phoenix with Ben yesterday and watching some intense dust devils, the storms finally moved into the Phoenix region and all I can say is wow, the forecast was spot on and the rain fall was dramatic.

It started out in the early morning hours with several inches of rain being dumped on the Mesa, AZ area just east of Phoenix.  In no time at all, the flooding shut down several main highways.

At sunrise, while the rest of the local media was all focused on flooding on the west side of town, on the east side in the Mesa and Gilbert areas on 60, I was pretty much one of the only videographers around and only chaser on the ground.

In this video, Highway 60 and the park say it all.  The roads were pretty much a lost cause until the water could be pumped out and in the park, check out the girl on the Kayak next to the basketball courts.

I was also checking out the area just west of the park where the neighborhood started to flood out.  In just a few hour's, the flooding from the highways and interstates being pumped out into the spill ways to drain off started to overflow according to the local residents and the water drained into their streets and homes.

All I can say is wow, the forecast verified, the footage is incredible and from a chasing perspective, catching the 100 year storm in the Phoenix area was just amazing.