May 2004 Blog

05/30/04 Caught A Tornado Near Brandon Ia, Between Waterloo and Cedar Rapids Iowa.

05/29/04 Major Tornado Outbreak. Chasing Tornadoes In North Cental Kansas And South Central Nebraska With My Friend Dean Cosgrove from Windswept Chase Tours. Caught Several Great Storms But Dead Tired. Will update when able.

05/25/04 In Topeka KS. Chased Tornadic Super Cells In Nebraska, Kansas, And Missouri. Caught This Tornado North East Of Bigelow MO.

5/23/2004 Hallam Nebraska Tornado Aftermath Video.  Wow, what an insane night.


5/22/04 Chasing Storm In Nebraska. Chased A Tornadic Super Cell That Hit The Town Of Hallam NE. Way Too Much To Post While On The Road. Lots Of Stuff Happening. Go to to see the tornado damage video.


05/21/2004 Shot Several Video Packages In Minneapolis This Morning And Caught This Storm Near Dakota City Iowa In The Evening.

Iowa Severe Storms


5/12/2004 Back home after a very long night of storm chasing. Drove all the way up to northern Minnesota to catch the storms.

5/11/2004 Back out in Central Minnesota and got in another dust storm near Litchfield, MN.

5/9/2004 In a dust storm that was kicked up by a supercell thunderstorm in Central Minnesota.


5/8/2004 out chasing today in Iowa and standing under the rotations...


05/01/2004 Home In Minneapolis Working On BNVN Stuff