Per Project stock video sales (almost royalty free)

Welcome to my Per Project Stock Video sales section of my website.

What is “Per Project” video sales and is this Royalty Free Footage?

This isn’t Royalty Free Footage sales.  This is a chance for you to get some of my best stock footage catalogs at a nice discount or "bulk rate" to help your budget on your project while allowing me to free up my time in the office.

Here’s the deal: The demo footage catalogs in the links listed below and in the menu on the left are not time-coded.  They have the on line demo videos I posted on You Tube along with providing links to download the watermarked QuickTime H.264 video files for you to preview in your project.

Once you make your selection for the footage, you just simply use the Pay pal feature to buy the catalog for use in your project.

The clean or non watermarked footage is sold for use on a Per Project basis for world wide broadcast rights in perpetuity.  Since this isn’t Royalty Free Footage, you’ll need to fill out a footage license agreement for use of the video prior to obtaining the clean copy of the footage. 

If you need various clips from multiple footage catalogs, please go to where you can purchase the footage on a per second basis.

Why I’m selling the footage license rates so much cheaper on my personal site then on  Simple answer, it’s all footage I shot and I’m freeing up a lot of my time because there is no negotiation of prices, no research on my behalf, no hassles, what you see is what you get for one flat price per catalog "Per Project".  You’ll do all the work researching the footage and I’ll only contact you once you have placed your order. 

I’m making this very easy where you pay for the footage via the Pay Pal shopping cart and I’ll send you the footage license agreement to sign and email or fax back to me. 

After I receive the signed footage license agreement, I’ll provide you with a secure private URL to download the clean master Per Project file in QuickTime DV format footage catalog for use in your project.  I can also overnight the footage catalog file on a data DVD to you using your FedEx or UPS account. 

Each Per Project footage catalog will have the rate listed next to the video.  I do offer a fifteen percent (15%) discount if you order any four of the Per Project catalogs to use in your project.

While our video catalog setup isn’t Royalty Free video, we do provide footage you can’t get in Royalty Free from any stock footage company at rates competitive to Royalty Free.  The catalogs even include a selection of footage from Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, LA and my popular car crash videos.

Keep in mind this footage is only a small fraction of the total available footage in my stock footage archive.

Click here to view the Per Project Hurricane stock video archive page