Record High Temperatures in Minneapolis, MN

Ok, today just was perfect and one of the days where I love my job because I get to work out side to document the weather. This time of year I should be wearing snow pants, big heavy coats and living in cold weather survival gear.  Today, I was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt outside while getting footage in Minneapolis, MN of people out in the record warm temps that made it feel more like April then the heart of Winter.

I know this won't last long but it sure was nice just to get out and enjoy being outside with the hot sun keeping me warm when I should be freezing my arse off.

We shot the video at the Stone Arch Bridge in the heart of Minneapolis, MN and over at Lake Harriet in South Minneapolis. While shooting the second part of the video, Neva spotted someone looking up at a bird in a tree. The bird turned out to be a Red-tailed Hawk which let us walk right up to stand almost under the branch it was perched on. Neva said it just ate a whole mouse. After it looked around for a minute, it let out a shriek at us from about 10 feet away and then flew off right above us and then circled back to give us a show to photograph.

Since these photos are only in the blog and have not been added to my Smugmug account, just click on the photos to view the larger size images until I get them uploaded to the gallery.