Updating the Hurricane blogs. The Hurricane Katrina book (blog) is finally on line.

Last week I finally realized why it has taken so long for me to update the websites, I like to write but I hate it at the same time because it just reminds me of when I was in school.  It always took a lot of time and I never liked how I wrote it and would have to rewrite until it finally took several hours and way more time than I planned for it to take in the first place because I would have a run on sentence like this one... 

Anyway, I'm updating the hurricane blogs with more descriptions about what happened and what I lived through along with more behind the scenes stories about what I was going through to get the footage.

It took me over a week to get the Hurricane Katrina blog updated but it's finally updated. 


Now I just have to review and update the Hurricane Rita and Wilma pages along with Tropical Storm Alberto.