Well, been a while but still working on things behind the scenes.

I was told the other day that I have not updated my personal blog page or site in a couple months.  Well maybe because there really has not been much happening.  Yeah I had the retarded stalker that I had to file a police report on who turned out to be a youth counselor at a local christian center and church who was pissed off because we shot some news footage he didn't like.  Oh wow, you don't like the news and you are a "Christian" Youth Counselor, well "Forgive Me..."  Yeah, Foxtrot Delta Bravo...

What else is going on in life since the weather is in the doldrums.  The last chase I went on was on 8/15/2012 where the lightning was pretty insane.  So it has been a month since I have picked up the camera.  Here is the video.

I did not chase the wannabe hurricane Isaac that hit late last month due to the fact that it was not even a full hurricane until it made landfall.  Also the fact that I wanted at least one good hurricane to hit the gulf coast to wash up all the left over oil pollution that sunk to the sea floor before I go down and play in the storm surge.  From the footage that I saw, I did not miss much.

Auroras, yeah I did get some sweet auroras back on July 15, 2012 that I should have posted here but again, I have been just deep in the video editing work on the Fury Project, that I have not paid much attention to my personal site.
Here is the Aurora footage. 

Well, it is almost 11 P.M and I need to wrap up and call it a night while the computers are on auto pilot uploading, encoding and archiving footage. 

My goal is for the Fury project to be finished by the end of the month.  What is the Fury project?  Tune in October 1st.   Also, if you don't see me posting, check my twitter feed http://www.Twitter.com/WXPaparazzi to keep up with the day to day stuff.  

And Julie, NO to the O!