What a insane summer...

What a insane end of summer.   Let's see what fall brings.  First off, crack book (facebook) kind of took over again as the social media outlet and my personal page got kicked to the back burner.  So much has been happening here and I have been keeping busy with StormChasingVideo.com and with Laura. 

Hard to imagine that she is now seven months old and starting to talk and hold her self up. Seem's like yesterday I cut the cord and held her hand for the first time.

Yes what a crazy whirlwind of a summer.  Last weekend was a new first for me.  I ended up covering the terrorist attack at the local mall.  Crazy since it happened less then a mile from home.  I have been keeping extremely busy with the weather but what else is new. 

Another reason that thing's are just a little crazy here as I ended up moving the office this summer to a larger location with a dedicated studio room.  Just a stop until the new house is built next year.