WOOFer trying to find its way home

Well today was an interesting day for the chase.  On my way home from a heavy rain event southwest of home, I found this German Sheppard on Highway 15 and Interstate 94 south of Saint Cloud, Minnesota while driving home after the storms.  She was in the road and I stopped to see if she had a name tag to bring her home, she did not. 

She is extremely friendly and jumped right in the back of my truck when I opened the back door for her.  I did not want her to get hit by a passing vehicle on the road so I took her with me into town to look for the owner.

I called the one person that posted a lost and found on Craigslist for a German Sheppard and met up with them but this was not their dog.  They did agree to take in this dog to try and help find the owner and bring her in to scan for an RFID tag.

They did say that they were called about this dog since they lost their dog and this dog was found and left at a farm about 10 miles from where I found it so I can only assume that she is trying to find her family and her way home.  If you recognize this dog, please contact us and I will put you in touch with the person we left her with.


Here are the smaller photo of the German Sheppard.  Just click on each photo to view the larger photo.