Working on stuff and some new videos and photos

Well I have been busy working on a ton of stuff behind the scenes for several tv shows and keeping out of trouble since the weather has been pretty lame, er scratch that, very lame for anything all fall.  We have had one winter storm and some decent aurora borealis photo ops but nothing extreme, nothing crazy, almost dare I say, boring.

Last Friday we did a video for the crazy shoping on Black Friday and even that was not too crazy. 

Here is the footage we shot around the Twin Cities of people in line for Black Friday sales. 

Last night I was able to find a location for a Aurora Borealis shoot that I have been looking at least 7 years for.  I was looking to find an old windmill in the middle of a field that was near a road but not near any lights.  Well I found it and while it is a long way from home and it is worth the drive to just northwest of Fergus Falls, MN.

Here is the video from the Auroras last night and if I can get one decent Aurora event before the snow pack cuts the location off, it will make the long search for this location all worth it. The only down side is that the lights from the city of Fargo, ND are just over the horizon.