Wow, a second blog post from me in under a week...

Hey it is amazing, I'm actually updating the blog more then once every few months...  I have been pretty busy but I am trying to get this page updated with the new stuff that I have been shooting on a timely bases.

So Friday I was at the gym working out and just got done working out with my trainer and I was doing some cardio work when I got the call to get out and get footage of a crime scene on the north side of Saint Cloud. 

After the crazy afternoon of crime scene footage the weather turned to snow again for the Interstate 94 and central Minnesota area.

And after being the sober cab for friends last night, Neva and I were able to catch one of the most vivid displays of the Northern Lights that we have seen in years. 

The Auroras were some of the best colors as the lights turned to deep reds for a time and the auroras lasted from about 3am until sunrise.

Ok, time to get some sleep before the blizzard hits tonight.