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The Mess Of My Social Media Life

Now that I spent MONTHS cleaning up the mess of my social media life...  God, that sounds like an amazing book title, "The Mess Of My Social Media Life"  How social media almost destroyed my photography and video websites...  

Right now the bulk of the posts are on WeatherPaparazzi.net  Once everything from the old dot com site is moved over and recreated, it will be moved back to this domain name.  

I'm finding so many images that have never seen the light of day while auditing and moving everything. Get ready for a massive update of new photography in August 2019.

Almost done with the move

For those of you seeing this, the move is still underway and it is a lot of work to rebuild a database that is so messed up that I should have just scrapped everything and started over.  But, I'm doing the work to rebuild this to keep the history of what I have done in the past for my daughter to read when she is older and for the fans to read.

End Date Goal for the rebuild, 7/20/2019



Well, last night and this morning was pretty interesting.

Just getting ready to wrap up for the night and get some much needed sleep. Neva and I were heading out before 10:00 pm to our secret spot to go and wait for the Northern Lights when several police cars were heading in the other direction really REALLY fast. And then more squad cars and even more squad cars, so we knew something was happening.
Turns out the first set of cars were chasing after a pickup truck that was fleeing and out of nowhere, at least a dozen more police and state troopers were on the scene.

Record High Temperatures in Minneapolis, MN

Ok, today just was perfect and one of the days where I love my job because I get to work out side to document the weather. This time of year I should be wearing snow pants, big heavy coats and living in cold weather survival gear.  Today, I was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt outside while getting footage in Minneapolis, MN of people out in the record warm temps that made it feel more like April then the heart of Winter.

I know this won't last long but it sure was nice just to get out and enjoy being outside with the hot sun keeping me warm when I should be freezing my arse off.

What happened to winter in Minnesota?

While I have been busy working in the new office getting things ready for the web updates, I still  love to go out and see some weather even if it is winter weather.  Only one problem, there has only been two major storms of interesting the past month.  One I did cover and the other one was in southern, Minnesota well south of the metro area that I did not cover since it was a non story event.

Back home after Hurricane Irene and updating blogs and stock video stuff.

I made it back home today from my Hurricane Irene chase in New England.  I'll be working all day tomorrow to get all the blog video, stock video and photography.

Here is a quick photo from today of a during and after on Long Point, Groton, CT on the south side of the island along the beach.  Click on the image to see a larger copy of the image.

Hurricane Irene storm chase footage from Groton Long Point, CT

While Hurricane Irene was being laughed at by people in the New York City area for being a lame rain on their weekend plans, 90 miles to the east Hurricane Irene lived up to the forecast with Hurricane force winds and storm surge.

Brian and I saw that the storm was looking more and more like a Nor-Easter and opted for the chase in the Groton Long Point area which is just north and east of Long Island.  We were still in an area for good storm surge and combined with the high tide, it was just what we were expecting.

WOOFer trying to find its way home

Well today was an interesting day for the chase.  On my way home from a heavy rain event southwest of home, I found this German Sheppard on Highway 15 and Interstate 94 south of Saint Cloud, Minnesota while driving home after the storms.  She was in the road and I stopped to see if she had a name tag to bring her home, she did not.