Busy Week, good to be home.

To say I have been busy this week is a little of an understatement.  First I was covering the flash flooding from what was left of Odile in southeastern Arizona, then I thought going to the airport early was suppose to make it easier with security.  On my way home while waiting at the gate for the flight to show up and go home, I ended up in the middle of a security lock down because the police were looking for murder suspects in Terminal 4.  I was in Terminal 4... 

After a several hour delay, I was one of the lucky ones whose plane was on the ground but parked and awaiting to be cleared to let the passengers off the flight.  A couple other planes were diverted and flights canceled all because some idiot ran into the terminal to get away from the police, a place where there are a lot of police.

Only after a couple day's back at home, it was back on the road to chase again for the line of storm's that were moving through western Minnesota.  Below is the video that we shot yesterday near Willmar, MN.   Nice seeing fall colors with falling hail.