Amazing flooding from record rain fall in Saint Cloud, MN.

What a crazy day for me where I did not have to go far to shoot any footage, just down the block from my office.  

Saint Cloud, MN set the daily record for the most rain fall in a single day and the day is not over yet. With over two inches of rain falling, many area's around central Minnesota are starting to flood.

Footage shot around south Saint Cloud, MN around the 4100 block of Clearwater Road.

Clip 1 Several vehicles stranded in the flooding as a pickup truck drives through the flooded water.

Clip 2 People pushing their vehicle out of the flooded street.

Clip 3 A Jeep drives through the flooded water.

Clip 4 Closeup of a car stranded in the water

Clip 5 PT Cruiser stranded in the flooded water.

Clip 6 Driver of the PT Cruiser pushing the vehicle out of the flooded water as the water starts to recede.

Clip 7 - 8 Flooded fields on the south side of Saint Cloud, MN