Infrared Photography

For years I have been wanting to destroy a perfectly good brand new camera to modify it to shoot in full spectrum.  To shoot in "Full Spectrum" means that I needed to modify the camera to remove the internal filters that removed the Infrared (IR) and Ultra Violet (UV) filters.  Then I need to put new filters on the camera lens to block out all the light except IR or UV.  Thus, no visible light is able to pass through the camera and only the IR or UV light waves will touch the sensor.

Below is some of the test images from Devils Tower in Wyoming and the Black Hills in South Dakota.  
To help give some perspective on the work of the new project, the first image is a side by side with the color still in the image on the left and the gray-scale on the right. All of the green vegetation shows up as white due to the IR wave reflecting off the plants.

The images below are from Devils Tower, WY.  All shot in IR in the evening.

The following images were shot in IR in the Black Hills and Badlands of South Dakota.

The image below is overlooking Deadwood, SD from the cemetery on the hill.

The last two images are from the Badlands in western South Dakota.