6/20/2015 Wheaton MN Lightning and storms

It has been an interesting week to say the least and it was good to wrap up and end it on a fun little chase about 100 miles to the west near Wheaton, MN.  While a lot of my crews went to chase the 5% tornado risk in Iowa, I looked at the forecast at 6am and said NOPE.  Nick called this afternoon to tell me that even he blew off Iowa and stayed in the Twin Cities.  Where there storms in Iowa? YES.  Where they worth justifying driving 6 hours south to chase them?  NOPE!  I'm glad the secondary target worked out but I had to take care of some obligations at home to help Neva out and then at the office so I got a late start and did not make it up to North Dakota but still love chasing in western Minnesota where the area is perfect for chasing.

Not a lot of lightning and the hail was mostly pea size to marble size but being home within two hours after the chase was worth it.  Time to get some sleep and consider heading to north central South Dakota later Sunday.