9/6/2015 Monticello, MN Intense Lightning & Heavy Rain B-Roll

Trying to figure out a name for this style of lightning.  It was very intense and shot in real time. 

The lightning name I came up with for a nickname,  "Battle Field Lightning" due to the lack of cloud to ground or cloud to cloud lightning bolts but has a resemblance to watching a battle in the distance as the flashes of light filled the sky.

Want to make sure you see storms?  Here is what I do.  Call home and ask what do we need from the store for groceries since the storms are dying.  Go shopping and pick up said groceries, that she told you to get and hurry home before dinner is ready.  

Then walk out of the store and you will see an intense lightning show on display that you can't chase for more then a few minutes because you have food that needs to keep cold and dinner is in the oven at home. 

Other then the heavy rain and wind, the lightning was all shot in a few minutes last night.