9/9/2015 Benton County MN REAL TIME Auroras and Proton Arc

This has what I have been dreaming of doing for the last 15 years.  Real time auroras on video that look just like what I see with my eyes to show all of you.  I did some serious camera upgrades and lens upgrades to finally put the nail in the coffin of the stop motion aurora time lapse crap.  Real time is where it is at now.

What started out as a mellow display of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights turned into an insanely vivid display over Mayhew Lake in Benton County, MN.

The auroras went from an dim glow to a vivid arc to an intensely bright arc.

Also in the video is something I have never seen before, A Proton Arc.


Clip 1 Aurora arc over Mayhew Lake with the aurora reflecting in the water.

Clip 2 Pan right shot showing the aurora arc in the sky and back to looking northeast over the lake.

Clip 3 This clip is 4 minutes long and is worth watching. The auroras go from the nice bright arch to in insane vivid display of dancing lights to where it is bright enough to be able to read a book.

Clip 4 Non tripoded freehand footage showing the Proton Arc from a different location a few miles south of Mayhew Lake. The camera pans from horizon to horizon showing this strange arc of light in the sky.

Clip 5 - 7 More real time auroras but lower on the horizon. Footage shows the Auroras pulsating and dancing on the horizon.