Youtube Creator Conference Recap.

Wow, all I can say again is WOW, what a weekend at the Youtube Creator Conference in Chicago with Brandon Ivey this weekend.  This was a special event put on by Youtube for a small select group of up and coming channels to help their creators grow a lot bigger.

This conference blew away a lot of the other ones that I have gone to for just the amount of information that it provided about the inner workings of Youtube.

The conference was a two day event in a studio in Chicago, IL and what was a huge surprise to us was that they covered all of the food, Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner on Friday and again on Saturday.  We just had to show up and sign some NDA paperwork about some details about what is new that is not released to the public yet and then soak up the knowledge and ask a ton of questions.

It was great meeting a lot of the other channel creators and everyone was having a great time.  The crew in the photo above was the group that had a bunch of fitness channels on Youtube.

Brandon Ivey had some fun making fun of someone when we saw Youtube's slogan, yeah, I think we know where he ripped that one off.

This is weekend has us really excited and were thinking up a ton of new ideas for our channels and how to work all of our crews channels into each other for cross promoting and team building.

At the end of the course, we are now certified and allowed to use the Youtube Creator Spaces around the world and access to a whole team of people to help us grow the channel and new equiptment in the Creator Space Studios.  

I know a few chaser's complain about Youtube.  Complain all you want, and crew is about to go warp speed.  Don't believe me? Just ask Brandon, he was there too.

And another cool thing we got this weekend in the new Play Button.  We even got this cool thing to frame and hang in the office. Don't try to click on it the image below thinking its a video, thats the certification award we both got to take home.

Here is the video.