Back on the web

I have a lot of catching up to do here on my personal site.  It was down while we were moving servers and got pretty much kept getting shoved to the back burner while my time has been pulled away helping with Laura and work in general. 

Yes, the site and my personal time have been pretty much off line and off the grid for months.  So let's get you caught up.  Say Hello World to Laura

Laura was born in February and Neva and I are very lucky to have this happy and healthy bundle of joy that is now four months old. I never could imagine myself as a father before this and now I can't imagine life without Laura in it.  She has my blue eyes and Neva's good looks :-) But it has not all been a happy go lucky time.  Less then a week after Laura was born, Gustav left us due to his cancer.  I can say I miss the little furball every day.  He had a unique personality.

But Gustav was able to make it to meet Laura before the cancer got the best of him.

So yes it has been an insanely stressful spring with the lack of sleep from the joys of being a new dad at the age of 45, losing Gustav and trying to run everything during one of the more intense spring seasons in years.  It's had some up's and downs.  Now after taking some time away from focusing on earlier this spring to focus on the family.  Now I have everything settled and finally getting a few hours of sleep a day now that Laura is finally sleeping through the night and I have been able to double up my focus on and we have had a ton of exciting changes, upgrades and new partnerships. 

Right now is pretty much one of the more exciting time's for me.