Wrapping up the blizzard chase in Wall, SD.

Wow, yes I am really posting a blog and updating the site.  I am just finishing up the chase in Wall, SD for the Winter Storm and Blizzard.  Weather Channel is calling this Winter Storm Atlas and it is living up to it's name as putting Winter Storm Season 2013-2014 on the map. 

I did laugh my ass off at the hype over Tropical Storm Karen and the forecast computer models verified the weakening of the system.  The real story was the storm system the caused the tornadoic storms in Nebraska and Iowa yesterday and the major Blizzard that hit Wyoming and South Dakota.  

Another month of no posts, here is an update on stuff.

Wow, Facebook and Twitter updates are reallying getting in the way of updating my personal website.  So while I kill time before taking Gustav to the vet today, I thought "Hey, maybe I should update my website"...

So what has been going on?  Lot's of stuff.  I have been very busy with work and that is a good thing. 

9/19/2013 Minneapolis, MN Morning Thunderstorm Rain

Thunderstorms with high winds and heavy rain impacted the the northern parts of the Twin Cities metro area this morning.  Footage shot in the heart of downtown Minneapolis as the southern part of the line of storms moved through the metro area.

Clip 1  POV shot as while driving on Interstate 494 on the west side of town as the line of storms moved in.