To storm chase or not to storm chase, that is the question...

1/22/2014 Central Minnesota Ground Blizzard, Part 2

B-Roll footage from the late afternoon of the ground blizzard in central Minnesota around the Sauk Centre, MN and west of Sauk Centre.

Various clips of blowing snow in the high winds that caused the ground blizzard.

1/22/2014 Pope County, MN Ground Blizzard

B-Roll footage of Ground Blizzard condition from Pope County which is in the west central part of Minnesota. 

With winds gusting over 40 mph, the fresh snow from the other day combined with the high winds is creating another ground blizzard.

Footage of white out conditions and blowing and drifting snow making travel this afternoon extremely hazardous.

TRT 2:57

Clip 1 Blowing snow over hay bales

Clip 2 Flags blowing in the winds gusting to over 40 mph.

Clip 3 Driving in blowing snow with a VO talking about the conditions.

Clip 4 Blowing snow obscuring the highway 28 sign

Clip 5-6 Blowing and drifting snow is covering up side roads with over a foot or more of snow drifts.  Clip 5 POV, Clip 6 Outside

Clip 7 Blowing snow over highway 28

Clip 8 Snow drifts

Clip 9 Blowing snow and snow drifts

Clip 10 Blowing snow with blue sky causing blinding conditions with the bright sun.

Clip 11 Blowing snow with traffic

Clip 12 Blowing and drifting snow

Clip 13 Low shot of the blowing snow

Clip 14-17 Traffic in the blowing snow

Clip 18-20 POV driving in blowing snow

1/16/2014 Alexandria, MN Ground Blizzard & Crashes Shut Down Interstate 94

Winds gusting near 50 miles per hour around the Douglas County, Minnesota area today it made for hazardous travel conditions.  Footage shot around the city of Alexandria, MN on Interstate 94 of the high winds and white out conditions that caused numerous accidents.  The interstate was shut down for most of the afternoon as crews worked to clear out several Jack Knifed Semi Trucks and cars that went into the ditches.

1/15/2014 Minneapolis, MN Rush Hour Snow Cold B-Roll

Snow fell over the Minneapolis, MN area on the eve of the latest Blizzard that is forecast to hit the western part of the state on Thursday.

Various scenes from around Minneapolis, MN with additional footage starting at the 2:51 time code of a Jack Knifed Semi Truck in Avon, MN. 

Clip 1 Skyline shot of Minneapolis with haze and snow obscuring the scene.

Clip 2-3 Driving on Interstate 94 with blowing snow.

Clip 3 Woman walking on Hennepin Avenue looking cold with her face covered.

Clip 4 Woman covering here face in the cold wind on Hennepin Avenue in downtown Minneapolis, MN

Clip 5 Street lights on Hennepin Avenue with snow falling.

Clip 6 Police officer directing traffic from a parking garage is ready for the cold with barely any skin exposed except for his eyes and lips.

Clip 7 Woman waiting to cross the street wearing a parka.

Clip 8 Woman wrapped up to avoid the cold.

Clip 9 Woman walking in the cold.

Clip 10 Man walking across 6th street in the cold weather looking cold. 

Clip 11 Man walking along 6th street in the cold and his face is covered.

Clip 12 Low traffic shot with the snow on Hennepin Avenue.

Clip 13 Group of people walking across Hennepin Avenue.

Clip 14 Low traffic shot with the snow and someone rides past on a bicycle.

Clip 15  Woman walking in the cold with a Parka

Clip 16  Woman walking looking cold on Hennepin Avenue.

Clip 17 - 18 Snow plow on Interstate 35W kicking up sparks from the blade while dumping salt on the roadway to clear the latest round of snow.

Extra footage from Avon Minnesota starting at TC 02;51;01
Clip 19 POV drive by shot of Minnesota State Trooper putting flares down on the ground and drive by a jack knifed semi truck in the ditch.

Clip 20 Big rig tow truck drives on the scene.  Pan shot of the truck moving in and pans to wreck.

Clip 21 - 22 Tight and medium shots of the jack knifed semi truck.

Clip 23 State trooper squad car on the road behind the wreck.

Clip 24 POV drive by shot in the east bound lanes of the wreck.

Freezing Antifreeze

The other day I did a video from the back yard here in Minnesota. 

With the prolonged extreme cold temperatures in the Upper Midwest, and double digit negative highs for most of Minnesota, here is an extreme cold example for vehicles that do not have strong enough Anti-Freeze in their cooling system.

The antifreeze used in this video was from a vehicle that was purchased from Kansas and was not winterized for the extreme Minnesota winters. 

Clip 1 Showing current temp of -23F

Clip 2 Look live shot describing how cold it is and the anti-freeze

Clip 3 Setting up the freezing shot anti-freeze shot

Clip 4 A thirty minute time lapse in 9 seconds

Clip 5 Exit out of time lapse to show the frozen Anti-freeze

Clip 6 Look Live shot explaining what just happened to the Antifreeze

Clip 7 Truck that has it's block heater plugged  and starting the engine which sounds rough

Clip 8 Exhaust from a tail pipe in the -20s temps

Clip 9 Blooper, never drink out of a glass bottle in -22 temps, you will freeze your lips.

1/6/2013 Saint Cloud, MN Extreme Cold Wind Chills and freezing ice cubes in 20 minutes
With more extreme cold and wind chill values dropping down into the minus 50F range tonight, the extreme cold is starting to get old for the upper midwest.

Clip 1 Dressed in what looks like a space suit, I open the door to the outside air and the clash of air from inside and outside creates fog in the doorway.

Clip 2 In the truck, the outside air temp reads -24F

Clip 3 Look Live shot talking about the cold and making icecubes

Clip 4 Timelapse of water that was 80F freezing solid in the -23F temps at the Saint Cloud Airport. Time lapse is about 20 minutes in 8 seconds.

Clip 5 Look live shot holding up the ice cube tray and the ice cubes. 

Clip 6 Outside temp reading showing -27

Clip 7-8 Flags blowing in the wind.

Clip 9 Outside air temp showing -28F

Clip 10 Flag blowing in the wind.

1/5/2014 Saint Cloud, MN extreme cold.

I was out playing around in the cold this morning. 

With the start of the next arctic blast to the upper Midwest, the temps have started to drop well below zero.  Shot in Saint Cloud, MN which is the far northwest suburb of the Twin Cities metro area, the temperatures have dropped rapidly after midnight to the double digit below zero range.

B-Roll package includes time lapse of a breakfast of Steak, Bacon and Eggs freezing solid in under 9 minutes along with clips of signs showing the current temp at -12F.

Clip 1 Standup shot in front of the camera explaining the setup of the timelapse shot to document freezing the food.

Clip 2, Setting up the food to be frozen and timelapse of 9 minutes to show the food freezing.

Clip 3 Standup shot explaining the freezing of the food and if you have to be out today that you need to dress warm.

Clip 4 Sign showing it is -12F below

Clip 5 Sign showing that the temp is -12F below zero.

Clip 6 Large flag at 25th and Division blowing in the wind.

Clip 7 Traffic on Division

Clip 8 People walking in downtown Saint Cloud looking cold.

Clip 9 Two women walking in the cold and not dressed for the temps and they are freezing.

1/2/2014 Extreme cold temps at sunrise in International Falls, MN

BRRRRRRRR, at sunrise this morning it was pretty freaking cold.  The official report from the airport as -42F with outlying areas a few degree's colder.
I did find out the the Jeep temperature sensor bottoms out at -40F.

Now I'm heading home to get cleaned up then to head down to Minneapolis to see my Dad in the hospital. 

1/2/2014 On assignment in International Falls, MN

Trying to keep my New Years Resolution about updating my personal blog and site as much as I do the Facebook and Twitter feed, here is the footage I just shot in northern Minnesota in the city of International Falls, MN.
Im on assignment up here after getting a request to come up here and document the cold temps.

Happy New Year

Happy New Year

Happy New Year from downtown Saint Cloud, MN with fireworks over Lake George.
2013 was a great year in some ways but it also sucked big time in other ways. 
For 2014 I am not planning on working out and getting into shape, that was 2013's plan and I can now say I can bench more then my body weight and squat twice my weight. 

No, 2014 is about business. I have a lot of plans for the business in 2014 that were started in 2013 and are finally coming together.  It is going to be an exciting year.
Also my new years resolution is simple.  Just update this site about as often as I update my Facebook Fan Page.  Wow, I let this page go for about 2 months again.  Time to start with the back dated updates.
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