To storm chase or not to storm chase, that is the question...

2/28/2014 Albert Lea, MN Interstate 35 Snow Storm

On the last day of February 2014, spring seems as if it is still month's away instead of just week's away as another round of winter weather impacts southern Minnesota.

B-Roll footage in the evening at sunset around Albert Lea, MN of the snow storm along Interstate 35.  Various scenes of traffic and snow plows on the interstate.

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2/27/2014 Minneapolis, MN Sub Zero Cold People B-Roll

B-Roll footage from around Minneapolis, MN of people around the uptown area and Lake Harriet in the sub zero weather around noon today.

Various shots of people out and about looking cold.

TRT 2:36

2/26/2014 Central Minnesota Ground Blizzard Conditions B-Roll

A powerful weather system is hitting the upper midwest area again with winds up to 45 miles per hour across Minnesota and causing ground blizzard conditions.

Various footage shot on the Stearns County and Polk County area from Sauk Centre to Glenwood, MN.

Clip 1 MNDot Snow Plow on highway 71 trying to clear the snow drifts growing across the road.

Clip 2 Bank sign with temp of -10F outside this morning.

Clip 3 Bank sign with a temp of -2F an hour later.

Clip 4 Blowing and drifting across highway 28

Clip 5 Massive snow drift behind a group of trees

Clip 6 Polk County snow plow removing snow drifts.

Clip 7 Winds gusting up to 40 mph out in the open country of western Stearns County with a stop sign in the shot.

Clip 8 Near whiteout conditions along a north south road.

Clip 9 Near whiteout conditions along a north south road with a car in the distance that is lost in the blowing snow.

Clip 10 Blowing snow

Clip 11 Blowing snow and a yeild sign in eastern Polk County, MN.

Clip 12 Blowing snow across a road

Clip 13 Blowing snow and poor visibility with whiteout conditions.

Clip 14 Huge flag blowing in the wind.

Clip 15 Snow blowing across highway 71

Clip 16 Tight shot of a wind sock blowing in the high winds.

Clip 17 Wide shot of the wind sock blowing along highway 71 with blowing and drifting snow across the roadway.

Clip 18 Traffic and blowing snow

Clip 19 Heavy Blowing snow across Highway 71

Clip 20 Heavy Blowing snow across Highway 71 with traffic

Clip 21 Blowing snow across an open field

Clip 22 Heavy Blowing snow across Highway 71

Clip 23 - 25 POV Driving shot of blowing snow across a roadway

2/26/2014 Stearns County, MN Ground Blizzard Evening B-Roll

The powerful ground blizzard and sub zero temperatures are still impacting much of central Minnesota this evening with wind gusts near 50 miles per hour.

The blowing and drifting snow is making travel around the region dangerous as many of the rural roads have become impassible due to the drifting snow.

Clip 1 Tight shot of a Stop Sign blowing and twisting in the wind.

Clip 2 Wide shot of the stop sign blowing in the wind.

Clip 3  Stearns County snow plow driving towards the camera and the camera pans with the snow plow as it passes and drives away.

Clip 4 Blowing snow over a snow drift on the side of the road.

Clip 5 Snow plow driving towards the camera.

Clip 6 Blowing snow with high winds over an open farm field.

Clip 7 Tighter shot of the high winds blowing snow over a field with farm buildings in the background.

Clip 8 American flag in the distance blowing in the high winds.

Clip 9 Blowing snow with snow drifts covering the roadway.

Clip 10 Blowing snow with high winds and snow drifts covering the roadway.

Clip 11 Blowing snow with the setting sun in the back ground.

Clip 12 Blowing snow with the golden setting sun in the back ground over an open field with a treeline in the back ground.

Clip 13 Low shot of blowing snow over a road and snow drifts in the background.

Clip 14 Setting sun on the horizon with a sun dog on the right that was caused by the blowing snow from the ground blizzard.

Clip 15 POV Driving shot in low visibility

Clip 16 POV Driving shot in low visibility

Clip 17 POV driving shot with high winds blowing snow over the road.

Clip 18 POV Driving shot with blowing snow and snow drifts covering the road

Clip 19 POV Driving shot as a snow plow drives toward the camera in the other lane.

Clip 20 POV driving shot with high winds blowing snow over the road.

Clip 21 POV driving shot with the sun setting and blowing snow over the road.
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2/25/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Extreme Cold Continues B-Roll

As the month of February is coming to an end, the weather is normally suppose to be warming up in Minnesota.  The Minnesota Department of Natural ice fishing house removal deadline is only a week  away on March 3rd.

All Ice houses in the southern two-thirds of the state must be removed before midnight on March 3rd but with the extreme cold weather and the large amount of snow still on the ground and on the lakes, that may make for a difficult task this weekend. 

B-Roll from Grand Lake, just south of the city of Saint Cloud that shows dozens of Ice Fishing houses buried in the deep snow with no easy way to remove them.  Additional footage of people in Saint Cloud in the near zero temp.

Ice on the area lakes is about 4 feet thick on average.

Clip 1 Driving on Grand Lake through 4-6 foot high snow drifts on the side of the ice road.

Clip 2-4 Ice house's on Grand Lake with large snow drifts around them and no way to access them to pull them off the lake.

Clip 5 Wide shot of people drilling holes in the ice to try and go fishing.

Clip 6 Man starting up an Ice Auger to drill a hole in the ice.

Clip 7 Man drilling a hole in the ice.

Clip 8 Close up of the ice auger going into the ice that is 4 feet thick.

Clip 9 Fisherman walking through the snow.

Clip 10 Looking down into a frozen hole that shows just how thick the ice is.  It is over two feet down to where the ice cap froze in the hole.

Clip 11 Flag blowing in the wind.

Clip 12 - 16 People looking cold in downtown Saint Cloud, MN.

2/20/2014 Twin Cities Metro Area Evening Winter Storm B-Roll

The Twin Cities metro area is surrounded by blizzard warnings but in the metro area, the winds were slightly calmer but the roads were still a mess.

Footage shot in Minneapolis, MN and Burnsville, MN were the roads were hazardous to drive on.

Clip 1 Skyline shot of Minneapolis, MN

Clip 2 Reverse POV shot in front of a MNDot Snow Plow on Interstate 35w in Burnsville, MN

Clip 3-7 Whiteout Conditions in Minneapolis on the east side of Lake Calhoun.

Clip 8 Sign in Minneapolis showing a snow emergency was declared.

Clip 9 Close up of a tire spinning in the snow in Burnsville on Nicollet Avenue.

Clip 10 Car spinning its wheels trying to get up Nicollet Ave in Burnsville.

Clip 11 Flags blowing with part of the Minneapolis skyline in the back ground.

Clip 12 Snow plow on Hennepin Ave in Minneapolis

Clip 13 A rear wheel van spinning its wheels trying to get up a hill on Nicollet Ave in Burnsville.

Clip 14 Wide shot of the van spinning its rear tire.

Clip 15 Car getting stuck on Nicollet Avenue in Burnsville. Shot from dash camera.

Clip 16 People helping to push a car out of the snow on Nicollet Ave. One of them is wearing shorts in the winter storm.

Clip 17 Car spinning its wheels.

Clip 18 Car getting unstuck but still spinning its wheels on Nicollet Ave.

Clip 19 Snow plow on Nicollet Ave in Burnsville.

Clip 20 Car crashed on the side of interstate 494 and 169 on 494.

Clip 21 Someone riding their bike in front of the truck in the winter storm in Minneapolis.

Clip 22-23 Minneapolis Fire Truck on the scene of a power line down.

Clip 24 Powerlines sagging in the heavy snow and ice.

Clip 25 - 29 Tree's down on power lines and side walks in Minneapolis.

2/20/2014 Saint Cloud, MN Heavy Snow and Snow Plows B-Roll

B-Roll footage of the start of the powerful winter storm system as it makes its way into the northwestern suburbs of the Twin Cities metro area.  Various shots of snow plows and snow falling scenes around Saint Cloud, MN along Interstate 94.

2/19/2014 Northern Lights over central Minnesota.

The auroras were so bright, I could actually see a snowy owl on power pole back lit by the green glow with the moon light showing the details of the owl.
Here is the video that I put together from a couple various spots around the north side of Saint Cloud, MN

2/17/2014 Burnsville, MN Winter Storm BRoll

On the drive back to Saint Cloud, MN from ChaserCon in Denver, CO the weather went 70F and great sunny sky to an ice storm in Iowa and then winter storm by the time I got back to the Twin Cities.

Here is the footage that I shot on the way home in Burnsville, MN.

Snowy Owl Takes A Shit In Near Sub Zero Temps

From the blooper while out looking for the Snowy Owl.   No need to call Roto Rooter, this Snowy Owl struggled for a minute, shook its head, and then let loose the pipes before it froze in the near zero temps.
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