What’s Up With The New Videos And Stuff.

Ok, folks, here is what has been happening in my life in a nutshell for the last two weeks.
Lots of Fn Weather!!! And I guess I'm kind of back working freelance for KSTP. Their calling me their storm tracker but as of right now, I'm still freelance working as a stringer.
So what's up with the videos?
Before anyone says anything, yes I know there is a typo in one of them that is on the list of stuff to fix.
But here is footage.
09/26/2007 Daylight Lightning Footage From Burnsville, MN.

There are some stupid people after a major disaster...

Ok, still dubbing footage and editing photos but there are some dumb mother fuckers that show up after a major event like the 35W disaster. You can't see shit unless your with the media so go home and watch it on TV. That is what chopper cams are for, your entertainment... Man there was so many people that should not be there that it was not even funny.
Anyways, here are some photos.

The stars...

Since I have not chased much at all this season I wanted to get away. Yes I have scuba dived a ton this season and yes I went out Friday and will be going out diving a few times this weekend, but I just wanted to get away and do some photography tonight.
I headed up north to my spot that is totally dark and perfect for aurora watching but I went up to watch the stars.

Northern chase today.

I had a great chase today. I went to Lac Lavon and chased down some Northerns.   Get it, "Northern Chase"... Ok bad joke but I had some great scuba diving today. 
Here is the Chasing Northerns video The video is a WMV and is only 14 seconds long.
I did get in about 70 minutes of dive time so today was a good day.

Oh snap, almost forgot to post my chase video from 7/3

While I was seeing and hearing a lot of people heading off to chase the line of storms that were forming west of the metro area in 7/3, I knew that area was going to suck since it was behind the line and the second line of storms that passed through the area.
Well, I chased Southern MN and ended up on a couple tornado warned storms. I did not see much but it was not a bust. The storms this year are just lame.

Storm Chasing Vs. Scuba Diving

Ok I put together another video of the diving. This one is about 18 minutes long but after watching the dive trip footage, now you know why I think tornado chasing is a total lame waste of time unless it is in your back yard.
Scuba Diving Vs Storm Chasing
Storm Chasing, any yahoo can run out with a camera and do it.
Scuba Diving, the yahoo's are the ones that end up in body bags or get bent.
Storm Chasing, way to many people in it now and almost everyone is in it for the money.