November 2005 Blogs

11/30/2005 Today I was out covering the snow storm and shoppers at the Mall of America for TWC.

11/28/2005 In western Minnesota covering the Blizzard that is hitting the area.  Shooting lots of Blizzard video.

August 2005 Blogs

08/31/2005 I'm still alive and back in Minneapolis. I evacuated the area last night and caught a flight home from Houston. Been up for 28 hours, going to bed and will try not have nightmares about what I saw yesterday and the day before. New Orleans Is Destroyed, It Is Gone. The Town Is GONE!!!  It's almost all under water!

July 2005 Blog

7/30/2005 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel this morning at Lake Harriet at sunrise. I feel like crap today and getting very sick. I don't know why but its not good!

Weather Channel Video

June 2005 Blogs

6/30/2005 I was out today for TWC and shot some windy weather video around Minneapolis, MN.

6/29/2005 Out storm chasing today, caught one tornado near Hanska MN and one funnel cloud near Lake Crystal MN.

May 2005 Blogs

05/31/2005 In Mason City Iowa Today. Drove to Mason City to take care of some business related stuff.

05/30/2005 Last night I was heading out to try and shoot some Aurora Video when I was heading out west from my place in Burnsville on Highway 13, a ton of Police and Fire crews flew past me into the Minnesota River area by Cargil.

April 2005 Blogs

4/27/2005 Out shooting video for The Weather Channel today. It is late April and I'm shooting snow video. You got to love Minnesota weather.

04/27/2005 Shooting video for The Weather Channel

4/24/2005 Doing some different video work with trying to get star timelapse video.


4/21/2005 I'm somewhere south of Lincoln Nebraska today.

March 2005 Blogs

 03/31/2005 - 04/02/2005 In Iowa at the National Weather Association Conference. Here is a photo I took outside this afternoon 04/2/2005 of a April Fools Cloud...

Funky Clouds Over Des Moines Iowa

03/30/2005 Out chasing in southern Minnesota and Iowa today. 

03/20/2005 - 03/30/2005 On Vacation taking care of stuff.