Happy Trails to the warm winter.

Last week when I updated my blog it was record warm temps and now its back to normal for winter in Minnesota.  Ahhh, I knew it would not last but we still have had one heck of a great winter with little snow cover and warm temps.  It is time to get back to normal before the spring storm chasing season starts up and were back to the chase.

Record High Temperatures in Minneapolis, MN

Ok, today just was perfect and one of the days where I love my job because I get to work out side to document the weather. This time of year I should be wearing snow pants, big heavy coats and living in cold weather survival gear.  Today, I was wearing shorts and a T-Shirt outside while getting footage in Minneapolis, MN of people out in the record warm temps that made it feel more like April then the heart of Winter.

I know this won't last long but it sure was nice just to get out and enjoy being outside with the hot sun keeping me warm when I should be freezing my arse off.

One world, one soul, time pass, the river rolls - Mississippi River at Full Moon

Every time I do photography near the Mississippi or when I lived in Burnsville of the Minnesota River, I always had the saying "One world, one soul, time pass, the river rolls"

Tonight I was working at the office and killing time while waiting for some footage to encode.  Yes I finally have private office space that I rent to keep the business out of the home and the work out of the home to try and have a somewhat normal life. 

Quadrantid Meteors and fireball photo.

Yesterday, Jan 4th, 2012,  Earth passed through a stream of debris from shattered comet 2003 EH1 which is the source of the Quadrantid meteors.

While not feeling that great, I went out in the cold weather and hung out in the uber secret spot that I use when I need to be in almost total darkness just north of Saint Cloud.  I say almost total darkness as in no traffic, no street lights and no light pollution in the field of view.

What happened to winter in Minnesota?

While I have been busy working in the new office getting things ready for the web updates, I still  love to go out and see some weather even if it is winter weather.  Only one problem, there has only been two major storms of interesting the past month.  One I did cover and the other one was in southern, Minnesota well south of the metro area that I did not cover since it was a non story event.

Working on stuff and some new videos and photos

Well I have been busy working on a ton of stuff behind the scenes for several tv shows and keeping out of trouble since the weather has been pretty lame, er scratch that, very lame for anything all fall.  We have had one winter storm and some decent aurora borealis photo ops but nothing extreme, nothing crazy, almost dare I say, boring.

Last Friday we did a video for the crazy shoping on Black Friday and even that was not too crazy. 

Here is the footage we shot around the Twin Cities of people in line for Black Friday sales. 

11/19/2011 Stearns County, MN First Winter Storm Of 2011 / 2012 season.

A winter storm hit the central Minnesota area of Stearns County with some areas receiving almost a foot of snow.

A narrow band of heavy snow hit the area this afternoon and caused hundreds of accidents.

The heavy snow and numerous accidents caused Interstate 94 west of Saint Cloud, MN to be closed for several hours this afternoon.

At one point the road conditions were so poor that in order to open up the interstate, a Minnesota State Trooper had to guide a Snow Plow through the traffic jam just to get to the major wreck the shut down the interstate.

Catching up on stuff and something interesting about my family.

Been busy working at the new office for the last few weeks trying to make a dent in all the new stock footage and the new video company that I'm working on.  More details about the new company will be out soon but for now, its still under wraps. 

It's been pretty busy here trying to catalog and edit all the new footage.  I have about two more terabytes of stuff to review before I'll be caught up but I'm pushing to get it all done and then start working on the new photo from the last year to get all of them on line and cataloged.  It's just a lot of work.