Working too hard today.

10/04/2004 It's 4:30 am in the morning, the temp in my Jeep says its 38F outside and I just got done shooting my first video package of the morning for The Weather Channel.

Yes playing cold weather Videographer this morning and to think that just 8 days ago I was just finishing up my Hurricane Jeanne video shoot in Fort Pierce Florida and it was in the 80s there.

Trying to catch up with tons of work.

10/01/2004 I'm really backed up on getting all the stock video footage out to clients and I had a full day of video shooting for The Weather Channel. Work started at 4:45 AM then  8:00 AM and another at 2:00 PM for the shoots of the weather going from bad to just crappy cold rain.

Only thing left to do now is snow... Yes, I put in a 12 hours video shoot shift and trying to get stuff caught up after all the hurricane chases, I'm getting a little burned out. I need a vacation from my workaholicism self...

09/26/2004 Hurricane Jeanne Video Update

In Orlando Florida Tonight.  I had a VERY Successful Chase and was in Fort Pierce Beach Florida, The Same Place  For Hurricane Frances.

I shot a lot of great footage for our Hurricane Jeanne Video collection. I posted the video the was on The Weather Channel this morning but due to lack of sleep, I'll post the Hurricane Jeanne Photographs when I wake up.   Click here to review the whole Hurricane Jeanne blog.

Here is a short video from my Hurricane Jeanne chase.