10/1/2011 Minneapolis, MN Lake Harriet Fall Colors

Today was a first.  I did my first 5K run/jog this morning at the Timber Dash.  I figured what the heck since it was a Walk/Run/Jog event for a good cause.

The Timber Dash event raises money with all proceeds directly benefiting PATH Crisis Nursery serving Wright County.  It is more like a fast paced nature trail hike through Lake Maria State Park near Monticello, MN.  Lets just say I am out of shape still but this kicked my butt today and will be continuing to go to the gym to see how fast I can do it next year.

9/27/2011 Aurora Borealis - Northern Lights over Lake Osakis - Osakis, MN

A little late on the posting but I was up all night and into the afternoon yesterday for another 24+ hours after staying up all night to wait for the Auroras.

The cloud cover was pretty bad around Saint Cloud, MN so I drove up to an alternate location that I had been wanting to try and document the Northern Lights, which was at the south end of Lake Osakis in Osakis, MN.

9/25/2011 Ely, MN area fall colors

With the cooler nights and shorter daylight hour's the fall season annual changing of the colors is happening a few weeks ahead of schedule.

In this video shot around the Ely, MN area on Sunday it shows how the colors are starting to peak with vivid Red, Orange, and Yellow leafs as the the Maple, Birch, Oaks and Aspen are all getting into their most extreme colors of the season.

Northern Lights video and website updates

OK, yes I know I have been slow to get my personal page updated but I have been on the go for the last three weeks with moving the office space out of the home, chasing the hurricanes and now the aurora video from this past weekend. 

It has taken a lot out of me mentally and add in just trying to keep up with the day to day stuff life tosses at you it will wear you out.

Back home after Hurricane Irene and updating blogs and stock video stuff.

I made it back home today from my Hurricane Irene chase in New England.  I'll be working all day tomorrow to get all the blog video, stock video and photography.

Here is a quick photo from today of a during and after on Long Point, Groton, CT on the south side of the island along the beach.  Click on the image to see a larger copy of the image.

Hurricane Irene storm chase footage from Groton Long Point, CT

While Hurricane Irene was being laughed at by people in the New York City area for being a lame rain on their weekend plans, 90 miles to the east Hurricane Irene lived up to the forecast with Hurricane force winds and storm surge.

Brian and I saw that the storm was looking more and more like a Nor-Easter and opted for the chase in the Groton Long Point area which is just north and east of Long Island.  We were still in an area for good storm surge and combined with the high tide, it was just what we were expecting.

Waiting for Hurricane Irene on the east side of the forecast track in Rhode Island.

Brian and I made it into Boston, MA late last night and we had no problems getting setup with a rental and supplies for the chase.  We are looking for a few things and when we went into a Walmart store, you would have thought it was Katrina Looting with how bare the shelves were.  But it was not looting, it was just all the people stocking up on dry goods and canned goods for supplies for the hurricane.

Enroute to chase Hurricane Irene

Made the call last night, Brian and I our on our way to the east coast to chase Hurricane Irene. 

I will update more when I can.  We just got (BNVN) video in from Nassau in the Bahamas of Hurricane Irene hitting there yesterday.

BNVN has multiple crews out covering Hurricane Irene from the Bahamas to New England.  We will be updating our site and our Youtube Channel http://www.youtube.com/bnvn1 as new footage comes in.

Tropical Storm, Hurricane Irene chase forecasts and plans.

I know I have been slacking with updating my personal blog.  With Twitter feeds, facebook fan pages and stuff for BNVN, and personal stuff, I have not had time to update this page.

So what is new with me?  Moved myself into a new office space so I can focus on work and I have been working like crazy over the last week on getting caught up with projects that are way overdue. 

8/6/2011 Auroras Borealis "NorthernLights" over central Minnesota

A vivid display of the Auroras Borealis or Northern Lights erupted late Friday, Aug. 5th and continued well past midnight over Central Minnesota. The light show was caused when a coronal mass ejection (CME) hit Earth's magnetic field and sparked a G4-category geomagnetic storm according NOAA's National Centers for Environmental Prediction Space Weather Prediction Center.