08/02/2004 Out Storm Chasing.

08/02/2004 Out Storm Chasing. Right Now I'm In Lake Crystal MN, which is in the center of this watch and about 90 minutes southwest of Minneapolis. Weather Watch 690 Severe Thunderstorm for Minnesota and South Dakota until 9:00 PM CST - AXIS..35 STATUTE MILES NORTH AND SOUTH OF LINE.. 15S HON/HURON SD/ - 45ESE MKT/MANKATO MN/ .AVIATION COORDS.. 30NM N/S /70WNW FSD - 54NNE MCW/ HAIL SURFACE AND ALOFT..2 INCHES. WIND GUSTS..60 KNOTS. MAX TOPS TO 500. MEAN STORM MOTION VECTOR 28035. Some photographs from the road.

08/01/2004 PM

Well, I went to Worthington MN, I chased clear blue sky, I busted hard due To An Atomic Cap!

The air aloft was hella warm and the storms just could not fire. But, I did make the best of it and did some photography south of Marshall MN of some cool looking stuff. Notice the clear sky? At least I got to take one of the photographs that I have been looking to get and some more experience with the new camera.

July 2004 Blog

07/31/2004 Southern MN Storm Chase. I had to shoot some vidoe for The Weather Channel this afternoon so I was not able to get out to chase the storms by Sioux Falls SD, but I was able to get to the storms by Blue Earth County, near the town of Madeila, MN.

June 2004 Blog

06/25/2004 Home In Minneapolis. Out Shooting Video For The Weather Channel This Morning With The Cold Weather. And Almost Done Moving Into My New Home!

06/23/2004 Out Shooting Video For The Weather Channel This Morning And More This Afternoon With Severe Storms Moving In Around Rush Hour.

06/17/2004 Kansas City, MO. - I Will Be Speaking At The American Meteorological Society Meeting Tonight http://chapters.ametsoc.org/kansascity/index.html

April 2004 Blog


04/24/2004 - 04/30/2004 Lots Of Changes Coming On Line. Very Busy With The Web Updates For BNVN, Getting My New Storm Chase Ride Ready And Taking Care Of Day To Day Biz Stuff. Will Be Back 05/1/2004

04/23/2004 Out Shooting More Video For The Weather Channel

04/22/2004 This Morning I Was Out Shooting Video For The Weather Channel Morning Show And Now I'm Off To Go Storm Chasing

04/21/2004 Out Storm Chasing For The Weather Channel

March 2004 Blog

03/28/2004 Shooting Video For The Weather Channel This Morning In Minneapolis.

03/25/2004 In Des Moines Iowa For The Iowa Severe Storms Converence.

03/20/2004 Out Shooting Very Windy Video For The Weather Channel In Minneapolis. Its Pretty Strange Because I Don't Remember The Wind Being This Bad For So Many Days In A Long Time. The Winds Were Gusting To Almost Hurricane Force At Times. I Did Get Want I Call A "Trash Nado" On Video.


03/19/2004 Out Shooting More Very Windy Video For The Weather Channel In Minneapolis.

February 2004 Blog

02/28/2004 It's Spring Like Warm Out In Minneapolis, MN Today And I'm Out Running Around Shooting Video Of The First Signs Of Spring. No, Not The Return Of The Robin's From The South. Its The Return Of People Running Around In Shorts With Snow Still On The Ground.

02/28/2004 Playing Weather Channel Photographer