8/1/2011 Stearns County, MN Severe Thunderstorm

Today I was out in the severe storms that hit central Minnesota during the afternoon with storms firing up in Stearns County before moving into the Twin Cities Metro area.

This video was shot in Southern Stearns County on the county line south of Paynesville, MN. The storms hit the area with high winds, heavy rain, lightning and even a weak wall cloud that tried to produce a funnel.

WOOFer trying to find its way home

Well today was an interesting day for the chase.  On my way home from a heavy rain event southwest of home, I found this German Sheppard on Highway 15 and Interstate 94 south of Saint Cloud, Minnesota while driving home after the storms.  She was in the road and I stopped to see if she had a name tag to bring her home, she did not. 

6/17/2011 Willmar Minnesota area Wall Clouds and thunderstorms

Just getting my blog updated from this weekend.  Severe storms and a tornado warned storm impacted the Kandiyohi County area to the south of Willmar, MN.

The slow moving storms made for some great time lapse video as the storms virtually sat in place.

The video shows a great looking thunderstorm with a wall cloud and possible weak funnel cloud under it that was very brief before falling apart.

Also in this video is a time lapse of the storm from the dash camera to show the storm motion.

Catching up on stuff

It's been a pretty busy couple of months and I have not been updating my personal site often.  I've been busy working on lots of stuff for BNVN and helping out my friends. 

Now it's time to get caught up with my own projects.  This week I'm working on a lot of stuff at home.  The garden will be big on the list but that is just for weeding since most of it is already going string. 

Things on my todo list include Tape Review, I have about 30 hours of HDV tape that I need to review,

Are the large number of recent tornado deaths due to "As Seen On TV"

It's been awhile since I posted anything but I have been really busy if you have been following the BNVN.com blog with working the news desk here but there is something I wanted to write about.

I was able to get away this past week for a trip to Kansas to go and pick up a new truck, I had a lot of time to think about and to talk to a lot of my storm chasing friends about the large number of recent deaths due to the tornadoes over the last six weeks. 

What the heck have I been up to for the last month.

Wow, it has been almost a month since I updated the blog on 3/11/2011 which was the date of the 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami that Japan.  

Since that date I have been pretty busy with stock footage from my friend Brian Barnes who was in Otsuchi Japan when the earthquake hit.  The footage is pretty insane. Here is the link for the footage.