What the heck have I been up to for the last month.

Wow, it has been almost a month since I updated the blog on 3/11/2011 which was the date of the 9.0 earthquake and Tsunami that Japan.  

Since that date I have been pretty busy with stock footage from my friend Brian Barnes who was in Otsuchi Japan when the earthquake hit.  The footage is pretty insane. Here is the link for the footage.

Another major blog update for Hurricane Rita

I just finshed updating my Hurricane Rita blog.  Yes I know the storm was back in 2005 but with the new website and the reviewing and updating of all the blogs, I have added all the missing details and links to all the footage http://www.weatherpaparazzi.com/content/hurricane-rita-blog

Now I only have Hurricane Wilma and TS Alberto to update and then I'm done with that part of the webpage for good.

Updating the Hurricane blogs. The Hurricane Katrina book (blog) is finally on line.

Last week I finally realized why it has taken so long for me to update the websites, I like to write but I hate it at the same time because it just reminds me of when I was in school.  It always took a lot of time and I never liked how I wrote it and would have to rewrite until it finally took several hours and way more time than I planned for it to take in the first place because I would have a run on sentence like this one... 

Hurricane Gustav Blog is finally up.

Yeah, I know the storm was over two years ago but due to a non disclosure agreement I signed for the show and the whole website rebuild, I finally got the footage on line along with the blog for the hurricane Gustav chase. 

Click on the link below to view the blog.


12/20/2010 Minnesota Winter Storms

For the third time in less than ten days, central Minnesota has been hit hard with another winter storm that crippled the roads during the afternoon rush hour on Monday.

The Minnesota State Patrol reported dozens of vehicles had spun out and ended up in the ditch and numerous crashes around the metro and along the Interstate 94 corridor to St. Cloud, MN.

In the video it shows poor driving conditions along interstate 94 and into the metro area where several cars were off to the side of the interstate after crashing.

Calling it a night, but we got some sweet new news footage in.

I know I said a few hours ago that I would get the rest of the footage from the last two weeks up on line.  I fixed the graphic issue for the logo and reloaded everything but now I got side tracked with a new package that just came in from Brandon.  Tonight we got some pretty great stuff with tornadoes at night to show people how hard it is to see a tornado when there is a tornado warning after dark. Plus he got some killer hail footage so I think he was one of the few people that did not bust tonight, er, last night.  Ok, it's almost 3:00 am and I'm dead on the keyboard from lack of

Major Flooding Around Oxbow, North Dakota.

Today I'm around the town of Oxbow, ND and documenting the flooding up here that is just insane.  The people are scared and the wildlife is freaking out.  I uploaded some more images and the crazy one has got to be the Deer trying to swim across the Red River to get away from the airboats that were out in the flood water to rescue people that were trapped by the rising waters.

3/24/2009 In Fargo, ND for the major flooding event.

I'm in Fargo for now but I'm not stuck here, I can get out on 94 but Interstate 29 is closed off to traffic due to the Wild Rice River flowing over it.  Interstate 94 is closed off west of here as well and the area is being cut off.  Almost all the roads in Richland County are flooded or washed out west of the red river to Interstate 29. 

The water is rising and you can't get up here unless your coming up Interstate 94 and I don't know what the Buffalo river is looking like since I could not make it over there today. 

03/21/2009 Quick Update From Fargo, ND and the flooding

Ok, just a quick update from the field.  I'm in Fargo, ND right now and just feeding off footage of the flooding that I shot today.  The flooding up here is getting worse and there is rain forecasted for Monday. 

I'm just wrapping up and going to head back home for the night but I wanted to upload a few screen grabs.  I already filled 4 memory cards in my still camera today and over an hour of stock footage, and the main show has not even started. 

03/19/2009 Massive Flooding Southeast Of The Fargo Moorhead area.

Yesterday I was up in Clay County, Minnesota to document the start of the massive flooding from the melting snow pack.  The snow from last weeks blizzard and the large amount of snow that has fallen in the area all winter long is not rapidly melting and turning fields into lakes and small run off creeks into rivers.

I have uploaded some of the many images from area that can be found on my Smugmug account.