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And now the next big adventure in life.

And now for the next big adventure in our lives.  Come Valentines Day 2016, we are adding a new member to our family. 

Yeah, I have already heard all the jokes from my friends about now they know why I was not out chasing all the garbage storms in May and stayed home to do something else.  Well yeah!!! 

8/13/2015 Central MN Overnight Lightning & Hail

Severe storms impacted central Minnesota last night and early this morning with large hail and vivid lightning.  It was another great opportunity for a local chase.

8/6/2015 Hawick MN Tornadoes Touching Down Blog

Another great chase day where we saw 5 different tornado touch downs from the same location just south of Hawick, MN.  Not bad for someone that does not chase anymore according to others that think you have to chase all the garbage to be a real chaser when forecasting is the key to not wasting your time.  I think I earned a glass of the 18 year old The Macallan, that I'm sipping on now.  

7/28/2015 Twin Cities Morning Storm B-Roll

It was a Red Sky In The Morning for the Twin Cities metro area as the drive in to town was filled with lightning and heavy rain. Once in town, commuters were dealing with the heavy rain on the Nicollet Mall.

Clip 1 Roof camera with lightning on Interstate 94.

7/23/2015 Saint Cloud, MN Aurora Borealis / Northern Lights.

Early this morning I was treated to another wonderful show of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights.  Below is the video and the photos from what I was able to see.

Click on the image below to be taken to the SmugMug gallery to see all the images.

7/17/2015 Sisseton, SD Extreme Hail Storm & Tornado Warned Storm

Wow what a fun day of storm chasing on a great setup in a perfect chasing area in eastern South Dakota.  The only down side for the day was my late start from home since I was waiting on a part for the Jeep to fix the vacuum leak. 

7/12/2015 Central Minnesota Tornado & Lightning B-Roll.

Today was one of those great chase days where everything line's up and falls into place.  Upon seeing the first storm fire and a lot of people get what I will call "Suckered" into chasing them up past Fergus Falls in the hills and trees when the second storm I was targeting near Wheaton, MN fired up.  I talked to Amanda and Nick who were already in place up there for the cell that was firing and I just hanged back to cover the south side in case the southern cells on the South Dakota boarder fired up.

7/11/2015 Milaca, MN Severe Storms B-Roll

Today was a warm up day to test out the gear before Sundays big chase day.   Here is the footage I shot just east of Saint Cloud, MN of the storms near Milaca, MN.



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